Do you want smooth network operations and continued availability of business-critical services for your business? Avoid potential loss of revenue and strengthen your reputation by ensuring your networks run seamlessly with XCare maintenance services.


What is XCare?

XCare is the trusted network maintenance system offered by Xantaro. Rely on our customised support solutions for hassle-free management of multi-vendor environments. We prioritise your business-critical services, serving as your single point of contact across all technology partners.

Whether you need a simple bring-in repair service, replacement of components, or the storage of spare part repositories and on-site support, we can help.

Our solutions include variable and preventive maintenance, as well as proactive services that help minimise downtime and reduce associated revenue losses. The Xantaro Technical Assistance Centre (XTAC) is the central interface for all Xantaro maintenance services and can be reached around the clock via a service hotline.

XCare services include:

  • Repair service: fast and efficient repairs of network components.
  • Pre-exchange of components: options to exchange components on-site to minimise downtime.
  • Storage of spare parts: spare parts are ready for you so that we can act immediately in an emergency.
  • On-site service: our team is available on-site to solve technical problems.

Discover the maintenance service you need based on the level of support you require. Packages include XCare BASIC & Bring-in, XCare ADVANCED & XCare ADVANCED-PLUS, each offering different service levels for different needs. Plus we have flexible customisation options so you can tailor support to your specific needs.

XCare Services Overview

Experience dedicated support with XCare network maintenance services, featuring a central XTAC interface for technical support, dedicated service management, contract management, and field service & logistics. Benefit from our expert knowledge and experience in maintaining high-performance networks you can rely on, with high-touch support to optimise network performance and availability. 

XTAC Software Update Delivery Hardware Delivery Arrival Time FSE - Onsite Services Customer Portal
Hotline only yes/no Vendor warranty Vendor SLA yes/no yes/no
24/7 support Hardware repair service 5 business days
Advance replacement 3 business days
2 business days
Next business day
Same day up to 4h
Same day up to 3h

Other XCare features

Advanced services

Propel your network’s development and seamlessly integrate innovative applications with a suite of Advanced Services designed to proactively enhance the XCare customer experience with:

  • Expert guidance and implementation of tailored software solutions
  • Proactive maintenance and optimisation to prevent issues
  • Thorough evaluation of upcoming infrastructure changes
  • In-depth feature analysis
  • Streamlined support through automation

Focused XTAC Support

Unlock efficient case management with a comprehensive end-to-end perspective.

  • Tailored expertise with a uniquely trained XTAC engineer
  • Identify root causes and resolve issues in multi-vendor scenarios where the intricacies of diverse technologies and vendors are paramount
  • Experience heightened security and enhanced accountability as the assigned engineer takes full responsibility
  • Let us take care of the specific nuances of your network and find a reliable solution to your needs.

XCare EOL – Reporting-As-a-Service

Maximise your network’s efficiency with Xantaro’s cutting-edge reporting services, powered by the Yukon service engine.

  • Tailored to enhance your network utilisation, optimise operations and simplify troubleshooting.
  • XCare's End-of-Life reporting system provides you with details on service step-downs with clear insights.
  • Elevate your network maintenance strategy with our dedicated reporting services. Harness the power of Yukon to gain in-depth visibility into your components’ life cycles with comprehensive reports that make proactive management a breeze.

How can XCare help your business?

  • Reliable network operations
    With XCare, we ensure the continuous availability of your business-critical services, which minimises potential revenue losses.
  • Reputation protection
    Gain trouble-free network operation and strengthen your company's reputation as a reliable provider of services.
  • Single point of contact
    Simplify communication and coordination, optimising your operational processes as we provide a single point of contact for all technology partners.
  • Minimising downtime
    Minimise lost sales and reduce downtime with our proactive and preventive maintenance services.
  • Flexibility
    Our standardised service offerings (XCare BASIC & Bring-in, XCare ADVANCED & XCare ADVANCED-PLUS) offer you various service level options, and we also enable flexible customisation of your XCare maintenance contract so you can tailor packages precisely to your needs.

What type of application is XCare suitable for?

XCare provides one central network maintenance system for all technologies and vendors. We support our customers with a comprehensive multi-vendor technology and service portfolio in the development, implementation and reliable operation of future-proof networks and infrastructures.

Why choose Xantaro?

High-quality service

Dedicated Service Management for all contractual services. Our approach, rooted in ITIL best practices, guarantees reliable service fulfilment, continuous optimisation for quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled network support. Aligned with ISO 9001:2008 standards, our quality management ensures excellence that adheres to contractual SLAs and includes service review meetings for insightful analysis, and efficient escalation support in ticket handling.

Enhanced accessibility

Access trained support engineers 24/7, with extensive experience in troubleshooting complex, multi-vendor environments. The ticket system ensures professional and prompt resolution, with automatic escalations based on fault priority until full-service recovery. Depending on service agreements, XTAC coordinates Logistics and Field Service, managing tasks like RMA handling and on-site equipment replacement by trained Field Service Engineers

Timely service delivery

Leverage Xantaro’s global storage facilities and international service partnerships for hardware replacements, with impressive three-hour arrival times across Europe. Our Service Delivery team spearheads the concept, planning, admin and optimisation of equipment pooling. Meanwhile, Xantaro Contract Management ensures smooth lifecycle management, offering insights into end-to-life support and contract expirations. Renew contracts, consolidate existing ones for optimisation and supplement with additional hardware with ease.

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XCare portfolio


XCare Service Packages

Detailed information on our maintenance services and working methods can be found in our brochures.

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XCare Basic & Bring-in

Are you interested in our XCare service?

We look forward to supporting you with the maintenance of your multi-vendor environments. If you are interested in XCare or require further information, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

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