What is XFAST?

XFAST is a complete solution to the issues associated with software testing. It involves detailed planning, carrying out testing scenarios and reporting on the outcomes. Plus, we can even support you with error analysis and communications with the vendor.


The XFAST  service will save you time by automating the process, freeing your people up to concentrate on meeting your business goals. At the same time, automation will make certain that the process is 100% free of mistakes, which you can never guarantee when the process is manual.


Our XFAST services

Your devices, functions and features – they all need updates from time to time. And then there are the new versions released. We’ll test all these updates and new versions for their potential to cause you network problems.

Plus, all this testing will take your unique network and requirements into account, such as configurations with multiple providers, for example. The very first thing we’ll do is discuss your network and requirements with you so we have a complete understanding of your systems.

One vital thing is setting up a test environment that’s specific to the vendor’s software. We do this for you so you can avoid time-consuming processes like installing operating systems or manually configuring devices. The testing itself can take place on your premises or at our extensively equipped XT³Lab. It’s one of Europe’s largest test labs and uses powerful traffic generators to replicate real-life scenarios.

And since we know well that every business has different requirements, we offer four modules in addition to the primary testing services. These are feature testing, release advisory, bug fixing, and deployment support – and they can be the difference between smooth operations and real problems.

Benefits of XFAST for your business

Minimised downtime

If you don’t conduct software testing – or your testing is flawed – the very least you can expect is some downtime. Any period when your network isn’t up and running doesn’t just lead to frustration among your customers and employees. If this downtime is extended, those customers will simply go elsewhere – likely to a rival. But even beyond lost revenue, downtime can mean damage to your reputation.

Avoid all these repercussions: use XFAST for your testing.


Protection against cyber attacks

Cyber criminals don’t rest and don’t overlook any weakness in your network, so we put the same energy into defending you against their attacks. Through continuous testing and security audits, XFAST makes sure that your network is comprehensively protected against cyber attacks.

When each business faces an average of 1,248 cyber attacks each week, you can’t leave your network unprotected.


Resource and time savings

Testing software takes time and expertise. From installing operating systems to setting devices up, replicating real-world scenarios is a lengthy process that requires know-how and a meticulous approach. If you can automate this long process, it will save your people significant time, allowing them to focus on adding value elsewhere.


Reputation protection

Your network is both integral to your everyday business operations and vulnerable to a range of threats. This combination makes protecting it imperative.

The last thing you want is for customers or potential customers to think you’re not protecting your network properly. Data loss, downtime and lax security are not traits you should be known for. Banish that possibility through comprehensive testing.


Adherence to compliance guidelines

Of course, it’s also vital that your network meets compliance guidelines. If it doesn’t, there can be serious security concerns – as well as legal complications. We make sure you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Why choose Xantaro?

With more than 700 certifications between them, our team of network specialists has deep insight into what makes networks more efficient– and how to protect them. They have years of experience in setting up and conducting tests, as well as how to get the best from automated software testing.

Our automated testing is incredibly meticulous and removes the risks associated with human error, giving you complete peace of mind when you’re introducing updates or new software. At the same time, however, the testing is remarkably quick, saving you valuable workforce hours.

In our XT³Lab, we have one of the largest test labs in Europe. It supports multi-vendor testing, including Juniper, Arista, Nokia, Ciena, Infinera, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Netscout and A10 products, making certain your requirements are covered.


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