When your network isn’t available, you have serious problems. 

Unplanned downtime interrupts business operations and can result in financial losses and disappointed customers. When connectivity becomes unstable, it affects communication and collaboration. In particular, bottlenecks and performance degradation stop applications and services from working properly, causing frustration among staff and customers. 

And the consequences can be longer-lasting. Inadequate data management leads to potential data loss, while security risks increase as networks that aren’t highly available are more vulnerable to attacks and data leaks. Even scalability becomes a problem when the network cannot keep up with growth. 

Through our core network services, we’ll help you avoid these damaging scenarios. Instead, we’ll make certain you have a highly available, regularly maintained network. Then you can look forward to stable business operations and a network you can rely on.

How our IP & MPLS services can benefit your business

Our core network services help you avoid all kinds of undesirable scenarios. They’re carefully designed to address all the issues that our digital world throws up, both today and in the coming years. But as well as solving problems, our services can offer a whole host of benefits to your business.

High performance and reliability

One of the primary reasons businesses come to us is to minimise their downtime and ensure reliable connectivity. But our work will also optimise your network resources and improve overall efficiency. In short, it will mean fewer interruptions and smoother everyday operations.


We’re always mindful of the future – and how new technology, business objectives and opportunities can all alter your plans. To make sure that your network can grow with your business and changing requirements, we make our solutions easily adaptable.


We let you concentrate on growing your business. Our switching and routing technologies work efficiently in the background, finding the best way to get your data to its destination. They’ll also decide which devices have priority to use the fastest routes – all without you lifting a finger.

Private and secure

Automated routing also protects your incoming and outgoing data alongside our robust security measures. As cloudification and other developments increase global connectivity even further, you need protection built into your IP network solution. Our firewalls, encryption and DDOS solutions keep all manner of threats at bay.

Round-the-clock support

You never know when network issues will strike, and you need your network operational at all hours. So we provide 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance. This proactive approach means that you’ll always have experts on hand to keep your network in top condition.

Competitive advantage

When your business is running smoothly – and not suffering from an unreliable network – you don’t need to worry about lagging behind your competitors. Even better, when your network is fully optimised and easily scalable, you know you’re ready to take advantage of any opportunities and can even gain market share from rivals.

Why choose Xantaro?

From smaller enterprises to carriers, we can meet the needs of all kinds of businesses. Our experts will work closely with you to comprehensively analyse your requirements. And we can build systems from scratch or provide bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Do you need to expand data network usage to increase capacity and eliminate bottlenecks?

Perhaps you want to significantly improve telephony quality by implementing a robust and highly available network solution?

Or maybe you’re creating data centre networks to ensure seamless connectivity and maximum resource utilisation?

Whatever your objectives, our experts will design customised solutions to achieve your goals – and give you the network you need.

We keep your IP network 'always on'!

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