Whether it's gaming, streaming, augmented reality applications, the internet of things or video calls from home, the demand for bandwidth continues to increase as digitalisation marches on. To meet this demand, high-capacity, high-performance data centres are indispensable.

Businesses, in particular, are feeling the effects of this. Working with time-critical, real-time applications and large amounts of data is necessary in most industries – to remain competitive now and in the future.

At the same time, demands on the performance of network technology are growing. Both IT infrastructure and cooling the network environment are responsible for enormous power consumption and high emission levels. For both economic and sustainability reasons, companies must find ways to increase data centre energy efficiency.

Our solutions for energy efficiency in data centres

Our data centre energy management solutions use etaONE®, AI-powered software that identifies energy-saving potential and ways to optimise the operation of your systems. Developed by etalytics, etaONE® helps you to identify where you can reduce your electricity costs and create efficiencies to promote greater sustainability. 

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Increase energy efficiency with etaONE®

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Here's how it works:

  • Analysis
    Understanding how etaONE® could generate greater efficiency in your network environment. Our experts prepare a feasibility and potential analysis as part of a four-stage model.

  • Institution
    The components of your data centre's air conditioning are modelled and trained with logged measurement data. This creates a digital twin of your energy system.

  • Functionality
    Telemetry data from your energy system is transferred to the etaONE® platform and checked for plausibility. This is followed by enrichment with further data, such as weather forecasts and energy prices. Based on the data, the AI-supported software can calculate the future behaviour of your energy systems and predict the optimally coordinated mode of operation.

  • Security
    As data centres are critical infrastructures, the etaONE® platform is usually installed "on-prem" on a server. In addition, further security mechanisms can be implemented to ensure security of supply in all situations.

  • Costs
    Due to the significant reduction in energy demand, our solution usually pays for itself in the first year. The majority of the costs arise from the one-time set-up of the platform and the modelling of the system. After that, you’ll just pay an annual licence fee for the software.

How our tailored solutions can benefit your business

Achieving greater energy efficiency in data centres can lead to all kinds of positive effects for your company. And since our services are always flexible and customisable, these benefits will reflect your needs.

Reduction of CO2 emissions for sustainable operations

When it comes to data centre cooling, energy efficiency measures can have an immense impact, precisely because data centres require so much power for cooling. One of our clients experienced a 240-tonne reduction in their yearly CO2 emissions, with 47.3 % less energy consumption over that year. We can help you take similar steps towards sustainable operations.

Significant cost savings by reducing electricity costs in the data centre

Of course, making your data centre usage more energy efficient doesn’t just save energy and help the environment. If you can optimise energy solutions, you’ll also save significant sums of money by bringing your electricity costs down.

Easy to implement and autonomous mode of operation

We can set up your new energy efficiency solution in no time at all, so you can start benefiting right away and with minimal disruption. Plus, once it’s up and running, you can forget all about it. Powered by AI, the software will simply collect data from your systems and identify opportunities for making efficiencies.

Amortisation of costs in the first year

You can be sure that etaONE® is a sound investment. Most of our customers make enough savings in their first year of using it to pay for the initial set-up cost. After that, the annual licence fee cost will be dwarfed by your ongoing savings. You can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% – without investing in expensive hardware.

Why choose Xantaro?


Nobody knows networks and their requirements as well as us. Our 80-strong team of network specialists has more than 700 certifications between them – and decades of experience in planning, building and operating networks. They have the comprehensive know-how in networks and cooling that you need for an optimised data centre energy system.


Your requirements are our priority. That’s why we conduct a feasibility and potential analysis – to see how your business could benefit from our expertise. Only once that analysis is complete will we recommend a way forward for optimising your systems and achieving greater energy efficiency.


We’re dedicated to staying up to date with the very latest developments in IT. That’s why our data centre solutions use AI because we recognise the benefits of machine learning for data collection and identifying potential efficiencies. And as technology moves forward, so will we, making sure you benefit from tomorrow’s innovations and ahead of your competition.

What etalytics customers say

"The demand for high-performance data centres continues to increase significantly in the course of digitalisation. It is therefore important that we make operations as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible. With the help of etalytics' expertise, we are implementing an AI-based operational optimisation of the cooling systems at the Frankfurt site based on the etaONE platform. In doing so, we are supporting a highly innovative approach that can serve as a blueprint for an entire industry."


Reduce energy costs in your data centre by up to 50%!

We will be happy to provide you with further information so that together we can increase the energy efficiency of your IT network and find a more environmentally friendly solution.

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