Problems creating the configuration?
Questions about the check?
Looking for ad-hoc help even though there is no incident?
Simply call our experienced Xperts if you need help with routing/switching, optical networks and security.
Not yet a Xantaro customer or don't have a maintenance contract? We have developed our on-demand service precisely for this purpose.

Addressing the complexities of networks

  • Growing network complexity, driven by evolving requirements and security regulations, demands bespoke configurations
  • Troubleshooting due to configuration changes is often complex and time-consuming for in-house specialists
  • At short notice, it's difficult to find skilled external experts with expertise across multiple manufacturers
  • Limited support from hardware and software providers
    Limited IT resources and budgets

Our services

  • Short-term access to Xantaro experts with many years of experience in:
    - Routing/Switching
    - Optical Transport
    - Security
  • Customised services for different technology brands
    Cross-vendor advice tailored to your needs
  • Industry leading 
    Advanced expertise in the functionality of new configurations.
  • Fast and flexible
    Customised service packages available within a few hours

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Key Facts Xpert-on-Call

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Why choose Xanatro?

Expertise at the forefront
Our Xperts give you access to expertise in advanced areas of technology.

Practical and solution-orientated
Our expertise, many years of experience and numerous certifications enable us to solve problems at short notice.
New customers welcome
Our service is independent of existing maintenance contracts and is also available to new customers.

Navigator for new configurations
We ensure the safety of the functionality of new configurations.

Cost efficiency
You only pay for the consulting time you have used.
Safeguarding your resources
Your network experts can concentrate on their core tasks.

Do you need help from our Xperts?

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