Business never stands still – and neither do your network’s needs.

The demands your network faces will evolve as technology, hardware, consumer trends, traffic and other factors shift. But if your network isn’t prepared for such changes, your business can suffer downtime, network bottlenecks, high latency or even network failure. The knock-on effects can range from customer frustration and lost revenue to severe reputational damage.

You need professional network forecast management to accurately predict your future network requirements and make sure your IT systems can support your business's continued success.

Network management and forecasting – your answer to future challenges

Fortunately, there are various ways to forecast network management requirements – to ensure your everyday business operations can run smoothly.

Historical data, statistical methods and even machine learning help to create a picture of future network performance and usage. With expert insight into upcoming trends and events affecting networks and digital technology, you can even achieve an even clearer idea of what tomorrow will bring.

Then, you can plan with far greater accuracy and make more informed decisions about network resources and capacity. You’ll be able to reduce network congestion, allocate resources efficiently, and improve overall network performance and reliability.


Our network management services

The first thing we do is analyse your current systems to understand the intricacies of your network and how it supports your everyday operations. Then, we’ll set about forecasting your future requirements and the issues that might affect your network.

Traffic forecasting

Using historical data and network monitoring, we’ll predict future traffic patterns and conduct longer term capacity planning. Knowing that your network can handle the expected traffic is a fundamental need.

Security forecasting

Again, this uses past data, carefully analysing previous security incidents to predict what shape future threats might take. We can then help you prepare systems to repel them.

Resource utilisation forecasting

After detailing the expected demand for resources such as storage, processing power and bandwidth, we’ll take measures to ensure that demand can be met.

Budget and cost forecasting

Ongoing network maintenance, software subscription renewals, network upgrades and expansions – it’s vital to forecast network-associated costs, particularly when the expenditure powers your everyday operations.

Technology trends forecasting

Keeping up with the competition means staying up to date with technology, which also helps you get the best from your network and work as efficiently as possible. So, we’ll make sure your network is set up for the inevitable future upgrades and migrations.

What kinds of devices can a network management system control?

Routers, switches, firewalls, servers, operating systems…all kinds of hardware and software can be monitored and controlled with a network management system. These components are all part of your network, and vulnerabilities or issues with any one of them can have serious consequences.


Benefits of a network management solution

Using network management service providers will prepare you for all manner of network-related issues and challenges. Plus, with experts looking out for your network, your network performance can be optimised and future-proofed, going beyond reactive fixes to fully anticipate your future needs.

Early warning of capacity shortages

With sophisticated network monitoring in place, we’ll help you spot the warning signs of capacity shortages – before they can affect your business. We’ll set alerts for thresholds and incidents, notifying you when capacity shortages become a risk. Plus, we can also conduct periodic assessments in more detail, helping you get ahead of potential issues.

Improved performance

We’re experts in analysing network performance. As we set your network up for the future, we’ll uncover ways to make it more efficient and robust now. The result will be streamlined and improved performance, allowing you to conduct smoother everyday operations – and provide customers and employees alike with a better user experience.

Strategic approach for long-term stability

When modern businesses depend upon digital systems, it’s vital that you have contingency plans in place for network problems. And it’s just as important that network planning plays a central role in your wider business strategy. We’ll help you develop robust strategies that make sure you can go about business as usual, supported by an optimised network.

Inventory management and end-of-life management

As we examine the individual components of your network – from routers and switches to firewalls and other software – we’ll pay close attention to the age and status of your hardware and software. Because the last thing you need is the entirely avoidable situation of failing components bringing your network down. And with ongoing network management, the health of your network components is something we’ll keep a close eye on. We can even offer automated asset management to make the process as simple and accurate as possible.

24/7 service

Network problems don’t respect regular working hours, so we provide a 24/7 service, 365 days a year. No matter what time of day or night, your network experiences problems, you can call on our expertise. This includes constant network monitoring, allowing us to stay ahead of potential issues.

Why choose Xantaro?


As a highly experienced network management service provider, we can call upon the deep expertise and insight of more than 80 network specialists. Our skilled team holds over 700 certifications – accompanied by decades of experience in planning, building and operating networks. These experts know exactly how to accurately forecast and prepare for your network’s future needs.

Customised service

No two businesses are the same – and neither are their network requirements or network set-ups. As a result, we offer customised network management and forecasting services. And while we won’t know the exact shape of our services until we’ve discussed them with you and analysed your systems, we always prioritise meeting your own specific requirements above all else.


Not only do we provide a round-the-clock service every day of the year, but you’ll have your own point of contact at Xantaro. This means having an expert who understands your business, speeding up communications and giving you a higher level of service. Plus, if you do have any network issues, we always respond swiftly – to get you back up and running in no time.

Find out how Xantaro can optimise your network with precise analyses!

If you are looking for solutions to take the performance, security and efficiency of your network to the next level, we are your partner of choice!

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