Most businesses now rely upon various networks to conduct their everyday business. There’s no doubt that these systems have made business operations much more efficient and effortless. And the digital software revolution has obviously presented businesses with countless new opportunities – notably ecommerce and globalised business opportunities.

However, network infrastructure is not without its risks. All kinds of criminals and fraudsters – from all over the world – stand ready to take advantage of any weaknesses in your digital setup.

You can keep that at bay with proper network security, including everything from cloud security solutions to robust firewalls.



Protect your network with our network security services

When you take security measures to protect your network, you’re guarding against multiple threats. From malware to ransomware and data theft to phishing scams, there are many ways that you can fall victim to bad actors online.

But it’s not just your data and systems you’re protecting – you’re also protecting your customers and partners against threats. With the interconnected nature of networks, anybody linked to your business could suffer if your network is breached. And if that happens, both your reputation and your revenues could also suffer.

So you need network security experts to keep your network – and your business – safe.


What is included in our network security and DDoS services?

We take a holistic approach with our network security services. After assessing your existing safeguards and systems – and discussing them with you – we’ll recommend measures that give you the best all-round protection available.

Network security consulting also means catering to your needs, so we provide protection for particular aspects of your network infrastructure – in addition to packages that cover every angle.

Our IT network security services include:

1. DDOS mitigation and prevention

We’ll meticulously monitor your networks for potential distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which can grind your business to a halt if left unchecked. Our DDOS solution will ensure the availability of your high-capacity core and access networks through careful traffic filtering and threat identification.

2. Next generation firewall (NGFW) services

Restrict incoming and outgoing traffic based on predefined security and protection rules, enforcing security policies at the application, port and protocol levels. NGFWs like the Juniper SRX series do this reliably and can be scaled up to carrier-grade standards, should you need that level of protection.

3. Incident detection

Through constant monitoring and analysis of your network, we can quickly respond to any incident, providing forensic information in real-time.

4. Security verification

Your network security architectures and individual components should regularly be assessed for weaknesses. Our experts won’t miss a thing as they make sure you’re protected.

Benefits of our network security and DDoS solutions for your business

Across both your hardware and software, we’ll set up, configure and manage security solutions that protect you against the very latest – and the most sophisticated – network security threats. The result will be regulation, control and prevention functions – to optimise the security, performance and reliability of your network and your critical applications.


Protect your network

We’ll give you control over exactly what comes into contact with your network. Measures like next-generation firewall solutions and DDOS mitigation keep threats away from your vital network. When you can manage user sessions and traffic flow, you’re much better prepared for the unexpected.


Reduce exposure to advanced malware

Malicious software (or malware) can come in many forms, but the intention is always to cause harm to a network, device or service. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a malware attack, it can have far-reaching effects. If it infiltrates your network, it could then spread to the systems of your customers and partners. But, you can reduce the threat of reputational and financial damage with network security solutions.


Make it business as usual

DDOS, ransomware and other cyber attacks can leave your business paralysed, denying you access to the very systems that are crucial for your day-to-day operations. Crucially, our network security solutions can head off such threats before they even happen – through proactive monitoring and threat detection.

Why choose Xantaro for your network security and DDoS solutions?

Our highly skilled network technicians come with decades of experience in IT and IT security. From Juniper SRX firewalls to advanced network segmentation, we cover it all. And we’re prepared for all eventualities, having set up countless security systems and fixed countless security issues.

A commitment to excellence
We’re thorough in everything we do, from initial assessments to ongoing monitoring of network threats. Our experts are all dedicated to reaching and maintaining the very highest standards – and protecting your network

Bespoke solutions
It’s important to us that you get exactly what your network – and your business - needs from our network security consultancy. That’s why we provide customised solutions. Whether you need cloud security services, a DDOS solution or a NGFW service, you can rely on us.

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