Network technology plays a crucial role in the digitised world of work. It forms the backbone of internal company communication and enables the smooth exchange of data between employees, customers, machines and locations. 

If you want to succeed in business and keep up with the competition, a fully functioning network with minimal downtime is a basic requirement. But even with a professionally configured network, unforeseeable disruptions can occur. Hardware failures, software problems, security breaches or unintended actions by employees – the causes are varied. 

But whatever the cause, our technical experts have the experience and insight to get you back on track quickly. Our technical assistance centre (TAC) is here for you.


Specialised technical assistance centre solutions

Unforeseeable disruptions such as hardware failures, software problems or security breaches can put any business at risk. As well as short-term frustrations and disrupted workflows, you can suffer longer-term financial or even reputational damage. At our network operations centre, we offer round-the-clock support – because network problems don’t respect business hours. Our dedicated team works in a solution-oriented manner, with short response times, to minimise network outages and restore your vital services.

Technical assistance tailored to your needs

Whether it’s a critical malfunction, a technology-related question or returns management, the experts at the Xantaro Technical Assistance Centre (XTAC) are on hand to support you. It’s also our central point of contact for all support queries on Xantaro products and services: we’ll help you get the best from your network.

Our support team consists of highly professional network experts with many years of experience in identifying and solving complex network problems. This means we can provide you with the best possible support in the event of network failures and quickly restore important services. 


You’ll also have your own personal support engineer, which makes contacting us even easier and means you’re in touch with someone who’s taken the time to understand your business and network. Whenever you have a network issue, they’ll provide you with regular updates on the troubleshooting process. And based on their knowledge of your company and network, they’ll be able to provide customised recommendations and technical assistance.

Take a look at our support workflow for how this works in practice:

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How our technical assistance centre solution benefits your business

In short, our network operations centre services can keep your business going. If you suffer a network problem and don’t have expert support, the consequences can be devastating for a business.

Even short-term downtime can result in customer and employee frustration, as well as data loss. But if issues are not fixed promptly, you can soon start losing customers and – crucially – customers’ trust. Your partners might also begin to have doubts about your organisation.

But with our technical support, you can avoid these kinds of data, financial and reputational losses. We’ll respond quickly to any issues, getting your network – and your business – back on track in no time.

Why choose Xantaro?

Nobody knows Xantaro products better than us, so our technical experts are best placed to fix issues with them. But there are many other reasons to turn to us for technical support:

Comprehensive services
We offer assistance with critical faults, technical issues and returns management

24/7 availability
Our round-the-clock support is available at any time, meaning you can get immediate support if you encounter unexpected issues

Personal contact
Your personal support engineer ensures clear communication and keeps you up to date on the status of fixes, saving you time and stress

Quick problem resolution
Thanks to our fast response times and experienced experts, we can quickly identify and resolve problems in your network, minimising downtime and damage to your business

Deep expertise
We have a team of highly qualified IT experts with many years of experience in network technology. They can even recommend long-term improvements to your network infrastructure – to make sure you don’t face the same problems again

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