When efficiency and accuracy are so central to business success, manual processes hinder smooth operations. What’s more, they can even cause costly errors.

When it comes to your telecoms networks, you can’t afford the kinds of inefficiencies and faults that manual management can bring. Not when network issues can see your business grind to a halt.

This is where smart network automation can optimise your processes, reduce your costs and give you greater network service availability. With that comes a clear competitive advantage.


What is network automation?

Configuring, managing, testing, deploying and operating networks: it’s all taken out of your hands with network automation. And that includes both physical and virtual devices within a network, which can be automated through software, script or AI-based solutions.


Our network automation services

Comprehensive professional services
Migrating to an automated network can be a complex operation, but we’ll support you throughout the process to ensure disruption is minimised. This begins with finding the right setup and structure for you, designing processes that meet your requirements – and streamline your business as much as possible.

Maintenance services
Long after we’ve fully implemented your automated network, we’ll be on hand to maintain it. Our dedicated team of network experts will make certain that your automated network continues to work efficiently – and will respond with speed if issues do arise.

Managed services
If you want, we can take over the management of your network automation. This allows you to fully focus on running your business, working towards your commercial objectives while we keep things running smoothly in the background.

Why is network automation important for your business?

Network automation is about eliminating inefficiency and errors – and embracing speedier, precise processes. Network configuration automation, for instance, saves the need for repetitive manual configuration, which can produce inconsistencies. It quickly identifies and takes advantage of changing traffic flows and patterns.

As well as allowing you to concentrate on running your business, network automation solutions will actively improve your network. For example, automated security testing is more exhaustive than manual testing could ever be – and the same can be said for automated maintenance.

When the management of your network is handled methodically by software, AI or scripts, the results are better. You’ll suffer less downtime and benefit from standardised processes.

Plus, with data use and IT infrastructure developing so rapidly, people find it hard to keep up. Failing to automate your network can see your business fall behind. Automating it will both optimise your current operations and prepare you for the future.

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Benefits of network automation

Businesses throughout the world are moving towards network automation. As machine learning and AI develop at pace, network automation becomes ever more reliable and inevitable. 

Here are just some of the reasons why adopting it now will benefit your business:

  • Increased efficiency
    By automating processes that previously required manual intervention, you can save considerable sums on staffing costs. As well as salaries, you’ll save on recruitment, office space and HR costs.

  • Optimised networking
    Automated processes reduce the potential for inaccuracies and inconsistencies, taking human error out of the equation. Plus, you’ll benefit from faster response times and a more stable network environment. The end result of all this is a smoother end-user experience and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Better visibility
    With your network fully automated, data will quickly be pulled from all your devices, giving you a clear picture of your digital properties.

Why choose Xantaro for your network automation solutions?

Our tried and tested approach eliminates the bottlenecks in your network structure, replacing them with increased accuracy and speed. Here’s how we do it:

OSS/BSS integration
By seamlessly integrating operational support services (OSS) and business support services (BSS) systems, we streamline your processes and make certain of a smooth data flow. Then you’re assured central control and efficient coordination of all network-related activities.

Scripting for configuration support
We develop customised scripts that support and accelerate your configuration processes. This minimises human error, speeds up implementation and ensures consistent network configuration.

Automated tests
Through network automated testing, you get quick and reliable assessments of your network functionality. Then you can identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage, before they become too troublesome. Plus, new releases can be quickly and safely implemented.

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