When you introduce new software to your network, there are always inherent risks.

Bugs, security problems, compatibility issues…any number of problems can occur. And issues like these also cost time and money to fix – with manual checks sometimes missing problems. Even worse, lasting or serious problems can cause long-term reputational damage.

Fortunately, automated software testing solutions allow you to identify faults with absolute precision – long before you implement new software.

Make firmware deployment and new software integration a risk-free process: let our experts take care of it all.


What is automated software testing?

Any software in your network will need updating from time to time. Failure to update it can result in security vulnerabilities or sub-optimal performance. But when business is going on around you, it can be tempting to simply postpone updates. Or you might hastily implement new software before you’ve tested its impact on your network.

Automated software testing services exist to solve these problems. And automated software release management will also keep track of necessary updates.

Manual testing is both time-consuming and prone to human error. So, even after weeks or months of testing, new software or an update could cause problems for your network – and your business.

Automated testing, on the other hand, accelerates the testing process. We use pre-agreed testing scenarios, simulating realistic network routines, including high levels of simulated traffic.

Our expert engineers will then analyse the results, tweaking software configurations and other settings so that your network will continue to function optimally.


Our automated XFAST software testing services

Reflecting just how quickly it gives you results, our automated software testing service is called XFAST. When innovation cycles are shorter than ever, speed is crucial.

You’ll even save time by having us prepare a test environment instead of doing it yourself. You won’t need to carry out time-consuming processes like installing operating systems or manually configuring devices. And if you use our extensively equipped XT³Lab, the software can be tested using our powerful traffic generators, getting even closer to authentic conditions at one of Europe’s largest test labs.

Of course, you’ll also benefit from the in-depth insight of our team. With more than 700 certifications between them, they have deep technical knowledge of the systems used and expertise in conducting the tests.

Using our testing and release management services means you can be certain of accurate – and speedy – results.

Benefits of our XFAST testing solutions

✓ Avoid network failures

Our approach to testing is painstaking and meticulous. Plus, our engineers have vast experience with the systems, software and testing procedures. This all adds up to eliminate the potential for costly network failures when you’re introducing new firmware.

✓ Reduces expenses

To achieve the kind of in-depth – yet swift – results we get, you’d have to invest heavily in equipment. Plus, you’d have to take your employees away from their regular roles for quite some time.

Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that you save money by not introducing software that could harm your network. Testing it upfront will mean you avoid frustrating customers and employees. And you’ll also avoid the serious threat of security risks.

✓ Maximise your network availability

By introducing new software without risk, you’ll be reducing the potential for network downtime, which can affect your revenues and resources. Plus, maximising your network availability in this way will enhance your reputation as a reliable provider, employer and partner.

✓ Protection against cyber attacks

XFAST firmware management includes continuous testing and security audits, making sure you’re fully protected against various cyber threats. When each business faces an average of 1,248 cyber attacks each week, the importance of proper cyber protection cannot be overstated.


Why choose Xantaro?

We’ll make sure your software is completely compatible and safe for your network – with our release and deployment management services. We’ll also ensure that your network meets the relevant compliance guidelines, taking another concern away from you.

Our thorough – yet remarkably quick – automated testing gives you peace of mind that you can carry on doing business as usual. The only difference will be that your software is fully up to date, providing you with new features, better user experience and upgraded security.

And all this testing happens at our XT³Lab, one of the largest test labs in Europe. It supports multi-vendor testing, including Juniper, Arista, Nokia, Ciena, Infinera, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Netscout and A10 products, making certain your requirements are covered.


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