Safeguard your business from the rising tide of cyber threats with our advanced breach and attack simulation solution.

As technology evolves, providing endless opportunities, it also exposes vulnerabilities for potential attackers. We understand the challenges businesses face in continually assessing their IT infrastructure for potential risks. Our simulation empowers you to fortify security measures against real-world attacks, ensuring timely threat detection. Rest easy knowing our approach prioritises your system and data integrity, steering clear of unintended damage caused by aggressive testing.



What is XBAS?

XBAS is an innovative solution that allows you to put your security systems to the test by simulating realistic attacks without creating an actual threat. The simulator discovers vulnerabilities along the network path and provides recommendations for improvement. This leads to more effective cyber security and increased confidence in your own security measures.

Key features of XBAS

  • Fast, safe and secure self-attacks
    Our breach and attack simulation gives you the ability to create a simulated cyber security attack with ease, in a safe and secure environment. This means you can test the effectiveness of your security measures without creating real threats.
  • Realistic attack chain simulation
    You can set this up to simulate the attack chain using real-world techniques to comprehensively test the capabilities of your security infrastructure.
  • Prevent damage to internal systems
    The flexible, cloud-based “Dark Cloud” platform communicates with software agents on dedicated, internal systems. This ensures maximum security during simulations and prevents potential damage to internal systems.
  • Validation of network, endpoint and email security controls
    The included attack library (MITRE ATT&CK techniques and threat vectors) allows the network path to be checked for common security breaches, relevant software threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
  • Check the effectiveness of security policies
    By simulating attacks, you can automatically and continuously increase confidence in your security measures.
  • Fast remediation and optimisation
    The simulator provides best-in-class, step-by-step recommendations to quickly close security gaps.
  • Connection to an existing SIEM system
    The SIEM (Security Information and Event Management system) proxy agent validates whether the existing security systems have recognised the simulated threats and reported them to the SIEM system.

How can XBAS help your business?

Cost saving

Our simulation gives you the opportunity to pinpoint security gaps and vulnerabilities proactively, minimising the potential for major damage. This not only safeguards your organisation but also leads to significant long-term cost savings by mitigating the aftermath of potential attacks.

Optimised resource management

Our simulation provides actionable recommendations to enhance security without the need for additional investments in new products or tools.


With the ability to swiftly simulate attacks in a controlled environment, our simulator eliminates the need for time-consuming manual testing and analysis. This time-saving feature makes security processes more efficient and a more responsive defence against potential threats.

Strategic focus

By automating simulations and analysis, your IT professionals can spend more time developing and implementing strategic security measures. This shift in focus enhances the overall effectiveness of your security strategy, aligning it with your long-term business objectives.

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Key Facts XBAS

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Why choose Xantaro?

Xantaro Breach and Attack Simulation (XBAS) helps strengthen the company’s security, reduce costs and prepare the security team more effectively for future threats.


Have confidence in our platform that validates network, endpoint and email security controls so you can rest assured your internal system is protected from threats and there is always secure communication with dedicated software agents.

Maximum security

Continuously enhance confidence in your security measures with our trusted XBAS. This best-in-class technology is fast, safe and secure so you can test the effectiveness of your security measures without posing real threats.

A commitment to excellence

Experience the assurance of our breach and attack simulator testing, allowing you to minimise risk and continue your business operations with added proactive protection. Trust in our methodology to place utmost importance on the integrity of your system and data, avoiding any damage that may arise from aggressive testing.

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