Fibre to the X (FTTx) solutions support FTTH, FTTP, and FTTB deployments, and are your answer to enhanced connectivity. Meet growing consumer demands and accelerate your ROI with fibre optics.

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Xantaro’s Fixed Network Solutions, developed in partnership with industry leaders. Trust in our cutting-edge technologies as we support over 30 AltNets, reflecting a significant investment of over £3 Billion to elevate user experience.


Elevate your business with our FTTx solutions

Full Fibre Networks are your cost-effective, high-speed solution to deliver advanced services such as GPON, XGSPON, high bandwidth and point-to-point services. Enhance user experience and productivity by securely connecting identities to cloud-hosted services with the adoption of digital transformation technologies such as SDN/SD-WAN/SASE.

Our range of FTTx solutions

Consulting, planning, design

  • Project management from pre-sales to handover ensures structured and efficient deployment.
  • Design services deliver documentation from HLD/LLD to test plans, with consultants supporting implementation for network elements.

Engineering, testing and PoC

  • Proof of Concept (PoC): On-site demonstrations to enhance technical understanding of fixed network hardware.
  • XT3Lab: Access our multi-million-pound lab with diverse hardware for testing and validation.
  • UK Lab as a Service (LaaS): Eliminate wait times for hardware delivery with remote or accelerated testing for fixed network solutions. Consultants are available for testing acceleration too.
  • Management Platform: An easy-to-use management platform with GUI for efficient network configuration and control, providing a lighter touch than CLI equivalents.

Delivery, installation and integration

  • Efficient logistics management: Includes receiving, controlling and coordinating hardware from vendors, staging, and field engineering. Deliveries to sites, spare parts coordination, and storage in alignment with the roll-out plan.
  • Quick turnaround on staging: After hardware is received from the vendor, we efficiently stage goods for quick plug-and-play deployment at the customer site. Our dedicated staging areas ensure swift turnaround, expediting the deployment process.
  • Field services: We install hardware at your site, efficiently executing the necessary line-up and commissioning tasks for increased technological performance.

Enablement and training

  • Training solutions: Comprehensive training, from basics to official vendor certifications, ensuring proficiency in the new features and technologies.
  • Automated provisioning platforms: Make end-user requests as light touch as possible as our platform captures end-user information, reducing errors, minimising delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible financial models: Credit options and pay-as-you-grow models are available, facilitated through our partnerships for larger purchases and financial ease.

Operational support

  • XTAC: We offer 24/7/365 support when there is an issue with the network. The XTAC team has technology stack experience and contacts within the offered vendors. Find out more with XCare.

  • FLM: XTAC will manage an engineer to the site with the faulty part replacement from the appropriate stored location to meet the agreed SLA.

Maintenance and Proactive Support

  • Predictive network health: Elevate support efficiency with predictive care, shifting from reactive to cognitive fault prediction and rapid resolution.
  • Network management: Our high-performance platform streamlines network and service management, offering data normalisation and correlation.
  • XFAST: Avoid error-prone manual test processes, and experience accelerated software updates through XFAST, our automated process for efficient network maintenance.

Additional FTTx support

  • Servers
  • Network Terminating Equipment (NTE)
  • WiFi Extenders
  • Street Cabinets / Racks
  • Power Distribution Hardware

Remote management simplified

Fibre to the Home / Building / Premise growth in importance has been recognised by businesses and governments throughout the world, with a major impetus on the improvements the consumer has access to. We aim to make this a reality by simplifying remote management with our range of FTTx solutions.

From working with many AltNets over the years, we understand the challenges you may face and offer the agile and dynamic approach AltNets requires.

Why choose Xantaro as your FTTx provider?

Accelerate your ROI

By choosing Xantaro as your FTTx provider, you gain access to our expertise and experience.

Service provider heritage

Leverage our heritage in service provision and tap into our core competencies for a seamless FTTX deployment aligned with your strategy.

Synergy with our partners

Benefit from Xantaro’s strategic partnership selection, ensuring the highest level of collaboration for optimal solutions that best meet your needs.


Over and above the transport technologies, we prioritise security in all networks for the protection and control of your data.

What our customers say...

"We are very pleased to have found an experienced partner in Xantaro for our nationwide FTTH rollout and to be able to procure important components from a single source. We feel that we are ideally equipped for future growth, as our FTTH rollout will extend across numerous regions throughout the country."

Steve Glendinning, CTO at Brskbrsk-blue_Logo-Slogan-01-01

"Xantaro is the perfect partner for our FTTH project. With their in-depth network knowledge, they helped us select the best technology, took care of the delivery and also provided support during implementation."

Thomas Bibb, CEO at Exascale


"During the PoC, Xantaro showed a fantastic understanding of the scope given to them and it was executed by very knowledgeable personnel who came onsite to our testing facilities. We are really looking forward to continuing our partnership with Xantaro to drive our network expansion."

Darryl Petch, CTO at GoFibre


"The expansion of the fibre optic network in a rural region requires cooperation with many municipalities and construction measures that are not only dependent on political decisions, but often also on geography and weather. This requires a clear concept and professional planning as well as flexibility and a great deal of practical expertise. On the one hand, we liked the network concept that Xantaro outlined for our project. We were also impressed by Xantaro's extensive technical expertise and experience, as well as their ability to act flexibly and find good solutions quickly. With Xantaro, we got the all-round carefree package for this project! The collaboration is characterised by trust, the transfer of know-how is good and the technical arrangements work really well. We are absolutely satisfied!"

Sven Butenschön, Team Leader Planning at Stadtwerke Neumünster



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