Managing complex network infrastructure takes time, money and specialised know-how. Companies face the challenge of operating their networks efficiently – and getting all they need from it – while minimising downtime. This requires qualified network experts and resources.

Yet, not every business can afford to train or hire people to provide constant oversight of their network. However, without effective, careful management, networks can suffer due to security threats, a lack of proper monitoring or simple underperformance.

A proper network management system will make sure your network is protected from such scenarios. Collecting data from connected network devices, it will pinpoint performance issues, keep watch over security and speed up problem resolution.

In short, a network management system helps you to do business better than usual.



What is XNOC?

The Xantaro Network Operations Centre (XNOC) offers tailored network management for companies in the telecommunications sector and other industries.

With a team of over 80 certified experts, we can give you the reassurance of 24/7 network monitoring, alarming and incident management, lifecycle management and trend analysis/predictive problem detection.

As a result, you can both optimise your resources and minimise downtime. You’ll be prepared for a whole variety of eventualities, safe in the knowledge that experts are looking out for your network.

Our XNOC services

The very first thing we do is listen.

We listen intently as you tell us what you need and we get to know your network better. Then we’ll agree on the scope of our work.

You can place your entire network under the care of XNOC, giving it the full benefit of our expertise, or we can focus our efforts on parts of your network. We’re flexible enough to work in sub-areas or conduct end-to-end network management – so you define the services you need. Here are your options:

  • Support with network management at a basic level, including monitoring, alarming and dispatching
  • Operational network management at a more advanced level, with smart dashboards and incident management
  • Operational responsibility – including lifecycle management, EOL/EOS analysis, predictive problem detection – for your entire network or parts of the network (core, transmission, access)
  • 3rd-level support for a wide range of network manufacturers, including Juniper, Nokia, A10, Fortinet, Infinera, Arista, Cisco and Ciena
  • Regular reporting and service reviews, with concrete solutions to continuously improve the efficiency and performance of your network
  • Tailor-made service modules to meet your specific requirements

Benefits of XNOC for your business

  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that network experts are monitoring and managing the essential network components that keep your business running
  • Minimise downtime and security threats through comprehensive network care, continuous health checks and long-term data analysis
  • Save money by minimising the need for your own in-house network technicians
  • Preserve your employees’ valuable time by having our experts manage your network
  • Contact us at any time of day or night, 365 days a year, with swift responses to network problems

What type of application is XNOC suitable for?

We can quickly bring your network under XNOC control, regardless of the network you operate. Throughout our many years in the business, we’ve set up and maintained networks from Juniper, Nokia, A10, Fortinet, Infinera, Arista, Cisco, Ciena and various other manufacturers.

Our expert team has unrivalled technical insight, having seen – and fixed – all manner of network issues. Plus, they make sure they’re always right up to date with the latest developments and trends in network management.

As a result, you can be certain your network is in the safest of hands.

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Key facts XNOC

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Why choose Xantaro?

You’ll be working with an 80-strong team of network specialists – one of the most capable, skilled teams in Europe. Between them, they have over 700 certifications and decades of experience in planning, building and operating networks.

Your requirements are our priority. You can choose your level of support, from basic monitoring and alarming to complete operational responsibility for your network. We can even chart the way ahead for your network, including lifecycle management and long-term data analysis. How you use our team’s extensive skills and insight is entirely up to you.

We can quickly conduct a smart analysis of your network’s historical data, metrics and events. It allows for the effortless correlation of data across technology and vendor boundaries. Plus, XNOC is immensely useful for automating processes like network configuration, testing and management – which make processes more efficient and less vulnerable to human error.

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