For businesses, the error-free transmission of data is crucial. Smooth communication between companies, services and end customers requires a solid infrastructure that meets the demands for capacity, speed and reliability.

In recent years, increasing digitalisation has led to an exponential increase in data traffic. This means that companies must not only be able to handle these data flows but also ensure that the data reaches the right recipients at the required speed and quality. Slow or unstable data transmission can have serious consequences, from service and production downtime to missed business opportunities to impaired employee and customer satisfaction.



Optical transmission technologies for high-capacity and high-performance networks

Routing and switching technologies form the core of every network infrastructure. But it’s the deeper network layers that ensure services reach the end customer. Based on innovative dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) solutions, optical networks offer the necessary capacities and transmission rates for the reliable transport of today’s and tomorrow’s data volumes.


With comprehensive know-how and years of expertise, our engineers in the area of optical transport/transmission implement flexible, complex optical networks. These have transmission rates of up to 800 Gbit/s per channel, with up to 96 channels over a single fibre pair – whether in access, metro or backbone/long haul networks.


Our optical transport solutions and DWDM services

Data centre interconnect

Direct optical interconnects for distances from 10km to over 1,000km and the use of multiple terabits/s on the same fibre infrastructure


Ultra-low-latency connectivity

Achieve the highest quality optical connectivity for cloud computing, video streaming or securing critical communication like trading applications

Carrier-class WDM and OTN

Increasing the capacity of optical networks with technologies for wavelengths of 400G/s and higher and additional flexibility with multi-degree ROADMs (FlexGrid)


FTTx and active ethernet

Connection of end users and business customers via passive (xPON) or active (ethernet) infrastructures and provision of IP services such as internet, TV and landline and mobile telephony More

Packet Optical transport/carrier Ethernet

Flexible metro and metro-access networks and allow you to launch new, competitive business services


Mobile front/backhaul connectivity

Increase in network performance, quality and cost efficiency for new services


100G DWDM optics in QSFP28 format (PAM4) for cost-effective point-to-point connectivity with a total capacity of 4 Tb/s



Use of dedicated crypto modules for encryption and protection/securing of data on the physical layer of transmission networks


Open line system (OLS)

The next evolutionary step of optical networks: an optical transmission layer in a fully automated 1U system for wavelengths and data rates of different vendors and DWDM systems



Agile, flexible networks (SDN/NFV) through automatic (re-)configuration of the transmission network due to path interruption, bandwidth bottlenecks, setting up connections and similar issues

How can an optical transport solution help your business?

Simply put, an optical transport network will bring your business right up to date with the modern digital world. Using a DWDM service like ours, you won’t suffer from downtime and its consequences, which include disrupted business operations, customer/employee frustration and, potentially, data loss.

Improved performance

Our optical connectivity solutions will help your business run smoothly. Your processes will be quicker and internal communication will be easier, with the ability to work with much larger amounts of data. And all this means you’re in a better place to take advantage of any business opportunities that come your way.


Simplified operations

When you can rely upon a high-capacity, high-performance DWDM solution, everything becomes simpler. You’ll find shortcuts in your processes and new opportunities for automation. And with the ability to handle larger packages of data, you can even implement AI and machine learning to ensure greater accuracy and time savings in your everyday operations.

How our optical transport solution works

1. Pre-staging

After receiving the systems, Xantaro takes over the testing and pre-configuration of the hardware according to customer requirements before delivery – or the start of the roll-out. The benefits for your project:

  • Early identification and replacement of DOA components (dead-on-arrival) or delivery shortages
  • Planning security with reliable installation dates
  • Reduction of installation time on site due to pre-assembled chassis and pre-configuration

2. Fibre characterisation

Xantaro takes on the measurement of highly critical and high-performance optical networks for the complete qualification of the fibre optics – and an exact determination of the transmission properties of existing or new fibre optic infrastructures:

  • Bidirectional measurement of the insertion loss
  • Bidirectional OTDR measurements to determine the length and spatially resolved attenuation curve
  • Measurement of return loss
  • Measurement of chromatic dispersion (to derive compensation measures)
  • Measurement of polarisation mode dispersion for evaluation of physical disturbances and suitability starting from 40G/100G per wavelength
  • Customised result report

Why choose Xantaro?

Our optical connectivity solutions give you stable and reliable data transmission, regardless of your network size

Your infrastructure is adaptable, so it can grow with your business, without sacrificing performance

Make the most of your resources with higher capacities and faster transmission rates, improving the efficiency of everyday operations

Your networks are future-proofed by our technologies and keep pace with the latest developments, allowing you to take advantage of upcoming opportunities and meet changing consumer demand

Customised solutions
Our team of highly specialised network engineers works closely with you to develop tailored solutions for your specific needs

Take your network infrastructure to the next level!

Put your trust in our expertise with optical transport and contact us today to find out more about our solutions and how we can specifically support your company.

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