When network problems strike, they can paralyse your business. IT systems are now so integral to everyday business operations that you’re lost without them. Serious network issues can cost you time, money and, potentially, customers.

So don’t wait for them to happen. We can evaluate the state of your network, including all its infrastructure and its individual components, taking into account your network topology and bottlenecks.

Being forewarned is being forearmed, especially when we’ll examine your network in forensic detail.


What is a network assessment and why do you need one?

A network assessment will give you vital insight into the status quo of your network, including its performance, security and general health. It will point out where vulnerabilities lie and make recommendations for improving your network.

It’s particularly important to have regular assessments in sectors where reliable connectivity and data security are vital to everyday operations. Assessments ensure your network adopts the latest tech and security best practices, minimising disruptions and allowing seamless business operations to continue.


Our network assessment services

Infrastructure evaluation
From routers and servers, right down to cabling and switches, we examine every aspect of your physical network infrastructure. And when it comes to wireless network infrastructure, we’ll help you achieve better coverage and signal strength.

Topology assessment
This involves reviewing how your network is structured, including how devices are connected. Then, we can identify any potential points of failure and make sure the flow of your data is optimised.

Traffic analysis
Digging deeper into your traffic, we’ll look at patterns and anomalies before making recommendations to help your traffic move smoothly along.

Performance analysis
We’ll conduct a detailed review of your network’s performance, including its speed, latency and bandwidth. This includes identifying bottlenecks or ways to improve the performance so you can work more efficiently.

Network security assessment
We’re experts in pinpointing vulnerabilities and improving network security. From antivirus software and firewalls to DDOS protection, we’ll give you robust defensive recommendations after uncovering your network’s vulnerabilities. A security review usually forms part of a wider network risk assessment.

Scalability review
Vitally, we always include advice on how you can future-proof your network and how it can grow as your business does. You need a network that can take technological developments in its stride – and help you take advantage of them.

How do network assessments work?

First of all, there’s a discovery phase, during which we’ll request network diagrams and an inventory of all your hardware and software. This involves initial discussions to determine the scope of the assessment, addressing any particular concerns you have.

Equipped with a scope of work and all the information we need, we’ll then set about assessing the various parts of your network. From a network vulnerability assessment to methodically examining your physical infrastructure, our process is exhaustive. 

Once we’ve thoroughly analysed your network, we’ll create a document detailing our recommendations for optimising your network. You can then enlist our help to implement those recommendations – or you can keep them in mind for a more convenient time.

Why choose Xantaro for your network assessment?


With decades of experience, our skilled network technicians have seen it all, fixing countless network issues and setting companies up for success. As a network assessment company, this puts us in the perfect place to optimise the network that your business relies upon.

A commitment to excellence

Working with us, you’ll soon realise just how high our standards are. We don’t think you should ever settle for second best, so we’ll work tirelessly to help you get the best from your network.

Bespoke solutions

We’ve been delivering our network assessment service for years now, giving each new client exactly what they need. No matter how similar your business is to another, you’ll always have your own unique requirements. And your infrastructure, software and devices will never be the same as any other company’s. So, what you’ll get from us is a plan and solutions that precisely fit your business.

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