Businesses are increasingly exposed to the risks of cyber attacks. Every day, companies fall victim to ransomware, phishing attacks and other complex cyber threats that bring disruptions in operations, loss of data and unauthorised access to your systems. Not only is the financial damage immense, but the trust of your customers and partners can also be undermined.

Businesses that want to thrive and grow need to defend themselves against cyber attacks and their consequences. Our experts can help you do just that.



Bespoke cyber security solutions to protect your entity

The security threats facing your company are diverse and serious. So, to protect you against them, our cyber security solutions offer a holistic, comprehensive approach. They consider the possibility of attacks from every angle, using the very latest technologies.

But no matter what form your cyber protection package takes, you can be sure that we’ll work tirelessly to safeguard your systems – around the clock. Part of this is being proactive, which starts with understanding vulnerabilities in your IT network. We’ll identify and strengthen any weaknesses, enhancing your ability to detect threats before they have any impact on your business.


Cyber security tailored to your needs

Next-generation firewalls

As cyber security solution providers, it’s our duty to maintain an up-to-the-minute understanding of the digital landscape. A key part of digital security involves firewalls, with next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) now able to detect and block sophisticated threats such as malware and application-level attacks. Some firewalls even use artificial intelligence, helping to defend against attacks that are completely novel.


Carrier and service provider security

The cyber security requirements of carriers and service providers go beyond the protection of their own data: they need to keep end-user data secure as well. The new NIS2 directive will also significantly increase the minimum requirements for cyber security in this sector. We can help you with large data volumes, multi-client capabilities and special use cases (such as a gi-firewall or security gateway).

DDoS protection

Distributed denial of service attacks can leave your business paralysed and compromised. But our solution can detect these attacks early and respond automatically to isolate and block the malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to flow unhindered. It uses advanced traffic analysis, pattern and anomaly detection, as well as artificial intelligence to tell the difference between normal and malicious traffic. In doing so, it ensures that your online services remain continuously available.

Cloud security

As convenient as the cloud is, it does come with its own unique threats. But with our help, you’ll be protected against unauthorised access, data breaches and other risks. We’ll add encryption, access controls, identity management and regular security assessments – protecting your data, applications and resources

stored and accessed in cloud environments.

SASE (secure access service edge)

SASE is a cloud-based security concept that integrates a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) with modern security functions – all in one solution. This enables global companies, in particular, to grow quickly and flexibly while introducing technological innovations at low cost. In addition, traffic flows can be easily optimised and security policies can be centrally controlled and uniformly applied.

Security operations

Security operations (or SEC-ops) are the continuous monitoring and management of an organisation’s security situation. The decisive factor here is to achieve a high degree of automation in the core processes of incident detection and response, making ongoing monitoring simple. The management of the multitude of alarms must be supported by suitable technologies such as artificial intelligence and reduced to what is important. We can implement initiatives such as SIEM (security information and event management), SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) and threat intelligence platforms to achieve watertight SEC-ops.

How can our solutions benefit your business?

We’re a highly trusted cyber security solution provider, with years of experience in keeping businesses safe. Our team of experts has seen – and fixed problems caused by – all manner of digital threats. But they never stop learning, making certain that they stay up to date with the latest developments and technologies in cyber security


Protects your digital identity

Just as people need to safeguard against identity fraud, so do companies. If this kind of fraud is successful, it can cost you both money and your reputation. Fortunately, multi-factor authentication, encryption, security software and other measures can keep your digital identity safe.


Protected against cyber attacks

According to one report, each business faces an average of 1,248 cyber attacks each week, with 560,000 new pieces of malware identified every day. When companies are faced with such a flood of digital threats, it’s plain to see how important protection is.


Improved data management

As well as protecting your data – and your customers’ data – our measures will have the added benefit of organising it. Plus, improved discipline with regards to storing and accessing data plays an important role in cyber security, which will also gives you more control over your data and digital assets

Why choose Xantaro?

1. First-class threat detection
We’ll proactively pinpoint threats and anomalies before they can cause damage
2. Swift reaction times
If you do suffer an attack, we’ll respond immediately to minimise its impact, avoid network failure and get your business back on track
3. Maximise your network availability
We make sure you can always access your network – and continuous, reliable communication channels
4. Reputation protection
We’ll help you secure your entire network landscape and strengthen your reputation as a reliable employer, provider and partner
5. 24/7 security
No matter what time of day or night it is, your systems and data will be monitored
6. Save time and money
You can reduce costs and use time more efficiently by preventing security incidents at an early stage – or through our speedy response to issues
7. Your own security strategies
We develop individual security strategies tailored to the specific requirements and risks of your company
8. Compliance
Our solutions meet all relevant standards and requirements to ensure your compliance

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We protect your digital future!

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