Our aim is to take the performance and availability of your digital networks to the next level with our smart services. With customised service packages and first-class products, we support you in optimising your digital business processes and alleviate the effects of both the shortage of skilled workers and budget pressure. Our motto is: "Smart services enable smart, highly available performance networks." 

We execute projects for you at all stages - from planning, design and proof-of-concept to delivery, installation, implementation, integration, automation and security, and offer services that go far beyond conventional maintenance and testing.  

Discover our XSmartboxx service packages. Whatever your requirements, we have the right solution for you. Put your trust in Xantaro, your partner for smart network solutions.

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XT³Lab: The network test lab for customers who don't want to leave anything to chance

Our XT³Lab offers a comprehensive service for companies to simulate test systems of real networks or specific areas. This enables problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage.

XTAC: Your 24/7/365
technical support for network problems

Xantaro offers round-the-clock network support when urgent help is needed. Our experts are available at the Xantaro Technical Assistance Centre (XTAC) to help with critical faults, technical issues and return management.

XNOC: Professional Network Management for your company

Our Xantaro Network Operations Centre (XNOC) offers customised network management. With three service packages and nine optional modules - the flexible service packages go far beyond traditional services for monitoring, controlling and maintaining the network.
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XCare - Xantaro Maintenance Services for reliable network operation

XCare offers customised solutions for maintaining multi-vendor environments, ensuring reliable network performance, business continuity and preventing downtime.

XFAST: Automated Feature and Software Release Tests

To ensure the performance and security of high-performance networks, regular tests after feature and software releases are essential. Manual in-house tests cause high costs and are often inefficient. XFAST solves this problem and increases speed, precision and quality at the same time.

XBAS: Breach and Attack Simulation for your Cyber Security

The use of Xantaro Breach and Attack Simulation (XBAS) helps to strengthen the company's security, reduce costs and prepare the security team more effectively and better for future threats.

Xpert-on-Call: Expert know-how on demand

Not (yet) a customer, but need ad hoc help from an expert? No problem, we'll take care of it - with our fast, flexible and efficient Xpert units on demand - vendor-independent and tailored for your company.

Xantaro Service Engine Yukon: Network Monitoring in a class of its own

Yukon is a software developed by Xantaro for the service management of your entire network infrastructure and the service engine for our XNOC (Xantaro Network Operations Centre).

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