The smooth running of your business relies upon precise, expert-led telecoms network design.


Without careful, considered network design, you might find yourself unable to integrate new devices and software into your existing network infrastructure. If that happens, you can miss out on better ways of working or, even worse, fall behind your competitors.

Network design also plays a crucial role in maintaining the performance and security of your network.

Our expert network architects will make certain you can look to the future with confidence.


What is network design and why do you need it?

Planning a telecoms network that satisfies the needs of operators and subscribers – that’s effective network design.

It involves assessing current networks and infrastructure and evaluating what changes are required to meet short, medium and long-term needs. It also takes into consideration budgets, operational requirements and necessary maintenance.

Network design paints a picture of your current network infrastructure and helps to outline what that infrastructure should look like tomorrow. Without proper network design, your business will very likely be unprepared for the future.

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Our network design services

First of all, we evaluate the network you already have in place. We call this a status quo analysis.

Based on this, we figure out which combination of our network design solutions will give you a network you can trust.

  • High-level design (HLD)
    This is the big picture. It involves developing a comprehensive strategy that aligns your network expansion with your overarching business goals.

  • Low-level design (LLD)
    This is when specific requirements are planned, and the architecture of the HLD takes shape. We apply sharp focus to the smallest technical details, precisely configuring individual components to make certain they work together efficiently. Combining HLD and LLD means no important details are overlooked, and your network is optimally positioned.
  • Development of migration concepts
    Seamless migration to new technologies requires a clear plan. Our experts develop bespoke migration plans that are tailored precisely to your needs. We consider the risks, opportunities and potential disruptions to ensure a smooth transition. We also conduct rigorous pre- and post-migration checks.

  • Vendor evaluation
    Choosing the right partners is critical to the success of your network expansion. So, we conduct detailed and neutral vendor evaluations to identify solutions and technology partners that will perfectly fit your needs. As well as analysing technical considerations, we also consider the long-term reliability and scalability of the solutions.

  • Technical testing
    The components we recommend undergo rigorous technical testing before being integrated into your network. This makes sure that all elements interact with each other as intended and your revamped network reaches the required levels of performance. And if there are any problems, this approach pinpoints them early on.

  • Post-analysis reports
    After we’ve designed your network in full, we provide you with reports that detail our network design consultants’ findings and recommendations. These reports will then serve as valuable resources for your future network management and expansion. 

Our approach to network design

Our process is focused on minimising waste and disruption to your business – as well as expense. That’s why we conduct the status quo analysis first.

With a firm idea of your existing network’s capabilities, we can determine exactly what does – and doesn’t – need to change.

Our approach to network design consulting is also incredibly thorough, as shown by the painstaking technical testing of your new components. We don’t settle for second best – and we make sure you don’t have to.

Benefits of our network design services for your business

You need an expert team of network technicians. You need people with the latest insight into telecoms networks. And you need honest recommendations to set you up for success.

We give you all that, adapted to your organisation’s precise needs.

Transparent assessment through third-party evaluation

Our independent third-party evaluation offers you an objective and honest assessment of your existing network infrastructure. We identify strengths,weaknesses and potential for optimisation – so that you receive clear insights into the status of your network.

Holistic approach for sustainable success

Benefit from a comprehensive network design service which considers every possible angle. We weave technical know-how, strategic planning and customised adaptations into our network design work. The result is an optimised network solution that facilitates improved performance.

Experienced multi-vendor team

Our highly qualified team not only brings a wide range of experience in dealing with different networks but is also always up to date with the latest technological developments and best industry practices.

Plus, we’re vendor-agnostic, not favouring any particular manufacturers. Instead, we make sure you get the network that’s best suited to your unique requirements.

Future-proof strategies

Every network design solution we recommend will stand the test of time. Going beyond immediate problem solving, we consider your long-term goals. Plus, we recommend strategic approaches that will prepare your network for the future, using our expertise to anticipate what you’ll need from your network looking further ahead.

Why choose Xantaro for your network redesign?

We come with decades of experience in IT network design services. That means we’re prepared for all eventualities and know exactly what effective design looks like.

A commitment to excellence
We’re thorough in everything we do, from initial assessments to helping you select just the right vendor for your needs. Every network design consultant at Xantaro is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

Bespoke solutions
When you entrust us with your network, you get exactly what you need. Our network design and installation services are tailored to precisely suit your requirements.

Plus, our network design and redesign services can work in tandem with the many other services we offer. These include network maintenance, cyber security and training, making sure you get the very best from your network.

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