IT networks are both expensive and crucial to your everyday operations – so you need to take good care of them. Expert network maintenance and support will make sure that you can continue to rely on your network.

When you have experienced network professionals on your side, they’ll monitor your network closely – to identify any issues before they impact your operations. This includes everything from cybersecurity threats to making recommendations on replacing obsolete software.

Entrust your network maintenance to experts and you can get on with growing your business.


Customisable and 24/7 network maintenance solutions

There’s never a time when your IT network isn’t working to keep your business running. So you can’t afford to be without it for any length of time. That’s why we offer round-the-clock network maintenance.

Then you don’t face the prospect of downtime grinding your business to a halt – and potentially denting

 your revenues, business plans or even your reputation.

And since no two organisations – or networks – are the same, we provide tailored network operations services, delivering the right kind of support for your business.

How our network maintenance solutions can benefit your business

Continuous health check of your network

You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about how well your network is functioning. You can let us do that with our expertise and tools focused on keeping it running smoothly. We’ll closely monitor your network’s traffic, uptime and bandwidth utilisation, among other variables. We look out for unusual events that could indicate network problems, responding quickly to mitigate the impact of any issues.

Boosts productivity

A healthy, optimised network supports the smooth running of your business. You don’t suffer from any downtime, and instead, you’ll actually be able to do more. We’ll show you how your systems can be faster and more efficient, with no bottlenecks to hold your everyday operations up. If you like, we can take care of your network management, freeing you up to concentrate on business growth.

Strategic planning

As you know, it’s vital to look towards the future, particularly where IT is concerned. Technological developments and innovations can happen quickly – and you’ll soon be left lagging behind your rivals if you can’t take advantage of them.

The answer is to future-proof your network, replacing obsolete software and taking action so that you can quickly scale your network up to move with demand.

24/7 service

We offer round-the-clock network support and maintenance, making certain your network works just as it should, when you need it most. Your business never stops, so we make sure your network doesn’t either.

Cost effective

When you work with us, we’ll become an extension of your team. As well as setting your network infrastructure and software up for success, we’ll carefully monitor and maintain it. And we’ll be right there if any problems arise.

But you don’t have any of the costs associated with an in-house team of network specialists. Save on salaries, training costs and more, even as you enjoy having a team of network experts on hand.

Our services tailored to you

With us, you can benefit from a wide range of customisable network maintenance services:

  • Operational responsibility for all or part of your network
  • More than 80 experienced network specialists
  • Monitoring and alarming (security/core/access/DWDM)
  • 3rd level support for Juniper/Nokia/A10/Fortinet/Infinera/Arista/Cisco/Ciena
  • Lifecycle management with automated EOL/EOS analysis
  • Customised service modules
  • Regular reporting and service reviews with concrete solution proposals

Why choose Xantaro?


As well as network maintenance, we also specialise in network management for IT systems. Our carefully assembled team comes with decades of experience and numbers more than 80 professionals – putting extensive network knowledge at your disposal. There’s nobody better to keep watch over your network and finetune it to enhance your everyday operations.

A commitment to excellence

We keep extremely high standards and pride ourselves on achieving the best possible results for our clients. Whether you need network monitoring setting up or continuing network management, we’ll work tirelessly to help you get the best from your network.

Bespoke solutions

Every network has its own quirks, and we recognise that your business’ requirements are unique, which is why we offer customised services. We’ll analyse your network and discuss your needs with you before putting together a package that will precisely suit your needs and help safeguard your network.

Entrust us with the management of your IT network!

If you are looking for solutions to optimise the performance, security and efficiency of your network, we are the partner of choice.
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