XT³Lab - A unique test, evolution and training environment

We understand how a stable network landscape forms the basis for a reliable communication infrastructure. The development and optimisation of this network infrastructure is a complex task and requires comprehensive planning and solution strategies. In this context, a reliable network test laboratory proves to be an indispensable tool for replicating test systems of real networks.

Equipped with the latest systems and recent developments of our technology partners, the XT³Lab is the centre point of any customer project.

The lab environment provides the capabilities throughout the complete project life-cycle: From feasibility studies and performance measurement through Proof-of Concept and integration tests, operational training to the point of replication, analysis and fault clearance within a support case. Furthermore, the multi-vendor environment is used by our engineers for the development of Xantaro-owned solutions.

Key features of XT³Lab

We offer three services for your network evolution. These features accommodate your specific requirements, including tailor-made solutions if you are looking to develop individual approaches. This phase of development covers various areas of the OSI model, which serves as a reference model for network protocols in layered architectures.

Plus, if you want to test the network system under real-world conditions for reliability and performance, we offer a versatile test environment to carry out complex simulations. Depending on the customer's objectives, this service also includes load and scalability tests, as well as the analysis and resolution of faults.

When it comes to training, we’ve developed our own training courses for engineering and operations teams tailored to your needs. We also offer the option of supporting your employees through tailor-made workshops to train them in their existing technologies, in new network systems or in specific functions.

Here’s a summary of our services and key features:

1. Technology – across all layers

  • Virtualisation & automation 
  • Services & applications 
  • Security & protection solutions 
  • Data Centre & cloud 
  • IP/MPLS technologies 
  • Wireless transmission 
  • Optical transmission 

3. Training – on-site or remote 

  • Standard training on established technologies 
  • Custom training 
  • Training on the job within a project 
  • Workshops & bootcamps 

2. Testing – analysing and rectifying faults

  • Testing of single components 
  • Proof-of-Concept tests 
  • Design tests 
  • Regression testing of new OS versions 
  • Multi-vendor tests 
  • Replication, test & fault analysis of existing networks 



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How can XT³Lab help your business?

Looking for a service for complex network architecture? We can help. Our approach is designed to ensure seamless integration and maximum efficiency in your technological solutions. We use our expertise and modern tools to ensure your network runs smoothly and minimises downtime, and we rely on a practical approach where theory is transferred directly into practical application. Here are some of the advantages of network simulation at a glance:

  • Expertise: Support from experienced test engineers and consultants.
  • Flexibility: Available locally and remotely, with automated operations and test automation.
  • Realistic simulation: Possibility to simulate large parts or complete network topologies.
  • Individual: Thanks to XT3Lab, you get a customised network environment.
  • Training: Practical training and workshops.


Who is XT³Lab suitable for?

Our partners for a multi-vendor infrastructure with flexible setups and network scenarios are an integral part of the XT³Lab. This laboratory environment leverages current systems and the latest developments from our technology partners to support customer projects throughout their life cycle. This includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Performance measurements
  • Proof of concept and integration tests
  • Operational training
  • Re-enactment, analysis and troubleshooting in support cases.

In addition, the multi-vendor environment allows our network engineers to develop their own Xantaro solutions.


Our technology partners

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Why choose Xantaro?

Our multi-vendor infrastructure for flexible setups and network scenarios provides you with the technology for the development of individual approaches, testing for analysis and elimination of faults, and training where theory meets practice.

Here are some of the key features that make our service the right choice for your network evolution.


Extensive network evaluation and testing capabilities

With the integration of a multi-vendor environment, this offers the unique opportunity to compare different technologies with our partners. In this way, we can identify solutions for you that are optimally tailored to your individual needs.


Verification of network performance

The most advanced technologies and specialised test systems enable precise verification of network performance, security, reliability and scalability. You benefit from the support of our qualified test engineers and consultants, who not only have extensive experience but also manufacturer-certified expertise.


Independent positioning of providers and technologies

In addition, the XT³Lab is characterised by its ability to independently position providers and technologies on the market. This neutral perspective provides you with objective assessments and recommendations so you can make informed decisions about your network architecture and technology selection.

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