In today's business world, corporate IT is critical, with the data centre forming the heart of the entire network. But it has a big challenge: it must be flexible and scalable while also holding absolute stability and maximum availability, all at the same time.

For many companies, outsourcing their sensitive data or the entire IT infrastructure to cloud service providers is not an option. Instead, they rely on solutions in their own data centre. But digital transformation and its cutting-edge applications come with special requirements. In order to reliably map business processes, factors such as bandwidth, performance, seamless access and minimal latency play just as important a role as the management of the network and the security of the entire infrastructure.



Our next-generation data centre solutions

This is where Xantaro’s Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions come into play. Our solutions form the bridge between this transformation and core business. 

We offer standardised, future-oriented modules for modernising data centre architecture.
Our expertise and years of experience in the IT industry give you a solution precisely tailored to the individual requirements of your company.

We help you optimise bandwidth, increase performance, ensure seamless access and reduce latency. Plus, we understand the importance of network management and the security of your infrastructure.

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Data centre solutions tailored to your business needs

Today’s data centres need to connect to different locations, several other data centres or a distributed corporate IT or cloud service. We offer a solution to these demands to make sure your business runs smoothly at a global level.

We support companies in the design, integration and operation of modern data centres. Our flexible modules will help reduce operational costs and make using cloud technologies easier. Here are just some of the reasons why our next-generation data centre will benefit your business.


Our standardised blueprints are based on the latest technologies and best practices to prepare your company for the future. The result is highly individual, vendor-neutral solutions that meet the exact requirements of scalability and flexibility, as well as stability and availability.

Performance guaranteed

We help you increase the performance of your data centre architecture to meet your business needs. Seamless access and minimal latency enable your employees to work more productively. Plus, thanks to our problem management, we can respond quickly to incidents and vulnerabilities, and provide appropriate measures to support you in your future developments.

Data assurance

With our next-generation data centre you can feel assured that your data and systems are protected from threats. We attached great importance to the security of the entire IT infrastructure, without compromising on data availability

Cost efficiency

The reduction of operational expenses and the efficient use of your resources contribute to long-term cost efficiency. Plus, by optimising bandwidth and performance, our solutions increase the overall efficiency of your IT infrastructure and business processes.

Why choose Xantaro?

Our trusted approach provides you with a reliable and advanced data centre architecture that meets the increasing requirements of modern companies.

Here’s how we do it:

Standardised modules
We offer standardised and future-oriented modules, as well as options for modernising your data centre architecture.

Tailor-made solutions
We provide maximum flexibility, as we can adapt our solutions to the individual requirements of your company.

Optimised bandwidth
Our solutions help you optimise the bandwidth in your data centre to increase the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Seamless access
Our next-generation data centre provides seamless access to your IT resources, so your employees can work more efficiently.

Minimum latency
We reduce latency to a minimum to ensure smooth and efficient communication in your network.

Continuous development
Our approach includes continuous engineering and automated testing to ensure that both hardware and software are qualified on a regular basis.

Support after implementation
We have a commitment to support you in network management even after implementation. You can find more information under our XCare Maintenance Services.

Webcast: Our approach to a new generation data centre architecture

We specialise in supporting companies in the implementation of modern data centres in order to reduce operational costs and facilitate the use of cloud technologies. We achieve this by standardising the design, implementation and operation of innovative data centre architectures based on vendor-neutral blueprints.

Our approach is characterised by continuous engineering and automated testing. This ensures that both hardware and software are regularly qualified.

We take incidents in the existing installed base and known vulnerabilities from manufacturers seriously. This information flows into our problem management and serves as the basis for the development of support measures and the continuous further development of our solutions. Our Next-Gen Data Centre solutions stand for a reliable and advanced data centre architecture that meets the increasing requirements of modern companies.


Are you interested in how Xantaro can optimise your network with precise analyses?

If you would like to find out more about modernising your data centre with our Next-Gen Data Centre solution, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

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