Wireless networking and 5G mobile networks for your business

LTE and 5G for public mobile networks

Your people need fast, reliable internet connections to do their jobs properly – and keep your business running smoothly. We’ll set you up with robust LTE (long-term evolution) and 5G network solutions. So, your employees will be able to meet digitally, access cloud software, and be just as connected as a modern business needs them to be.


Private 5G 

If you need even greater levels of performance, we can give you higher speeds, higher capacities and lower latency with 5G mobile network solutions. This is particularly useful if your premises aren’t in an area covered by a public 5G network. Best of all, you’ll get a fully tailored 5G core network solution on your own private network.


AI-based WLAN for companies

In terms of wireless networking solutions, a wireless local area network that uses AI offers maximum performance, security and efficiency. AI is able to analyse countless amounts of data from increasingly complex network setups, allocating resources in real time, balancing loads and predicting future usage patterns.


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5G campus – a private mobile network

Gain complete control with a dedicated mobile network, utilising the 5G standard, tailored entirely to your premises. This type of network is sometimes used on university campuses, which gives them their name.

These standalone networks – owned and managed by you – only work for a limited geographic area, which gives them advantages over public networks. They allow you to apply your own security measures and configure more settings for greater flexibility.

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What are the benefits of a campus 5G private cellular network?


One of the primary attractions is the private nature of these networks, which you can attach strict security protocols to. This is particularly reassuring if you use sensitive data and cannot risk public access.


Your people can benefit from higher bandwidths and lower latency than they might with a WiFi connection.


Not only do you get customised coverage of a private 5G network, using your own frequency at your own location, but you can also enjoy greater range than you would with WiFi.

Cost savings

Although the initial setup costs will be higher than for public mobile networks, you’ll be less reliant on public networks and their ongoing contract fees.

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Why choose Xantaro?


Whether you want a completely private 5G network or a public connection powered by AI, we’ll give you exactly what you need. That’s our number one priority.

And to get it right, we’ll listen intently to your requirements, analyse your existing systems and network usage, and make considered recommendations.


With more than 700 certifications between them, our team of 80-plus network specialists comes with decades of experience. From creating and maintaining networks, to fixing issues and implementing security measures, our experts have done it all.


We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards – and that extends to our customer service. You’ll have complete peace of mind with our network solutions: we stand ready to resolve any issues around the clock, 365 days a year. And if you do experience an issue, you can rest assured that it’ll be swiftly remedied.

Campus 5G - your private mobile network!

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