Stability and availability through testing and qualification of hardware and software in the modern data center network

For the smooth operation of business and production processes a stable data center as the linchpin in a corporate network is essential. In principle, an existing infrastructure can of course be operated reliably for a certain period of time according to the motto “never touch a running system”. But is that future-oriented? Certainly not. Rather, companies that avoid any change or further development of the data centre miss the potential of modern architecture and technologies. And in the digital transformation, the mapping of bandwidth, performance, comprehensive access with low latency times and security of the infrastructure play an important role for growth, innovation and customer satisfaction.

A modernisation or further development of the data centre network towards innovative technologies, however, also come with challenges such as technological complexity, network management, etc.

Driven by three essential factors, from our point of view testing is one of the decisive points in the implementation and operation of a network!





Tools and solution concepts for the reliable operation of the innovative data centre network

Reliable testing and qualification prior to implementing changes in a production network, however, requires resources with the appropriate know-how, a time investment and an appropriate laboratory environment. Based on experiences in the design, implementation and support of a wide variety of high-performance networks, Xantaro has established a number of concepts and tools that support companies in the implementation, operation and further development of their network infrastructures. In this context, the corresponding test capacities play an important role.


Testing in the XT³Lab within customer projects

With the XT³Lab we have established and continuously developed a multi-vendor test environment that is unique in Germany and UK for many years. Equipped with the latest systems and technologies from innovative vendors and high-capacity test systems, we utilize the resources to regularly qualify new hardware and software for our customers, and also for research and training purposes – beyond the datasheets!


Automated software testing with XFAST

Testing new software versions is particularly efficient with XFAST, Xantaro’s Fully Automated Software Testing. The service was developed by Xantaro against the background of ever shorter innovation cycles and test times: Time-consuming, error-prone manual test efforts are carried out automatically with XFAST, so that the entire qualification process is significantly accelerated and a faster and at the same time risk-minimised implementation of software updates in the productive network is achieved. Another advantage is that the one-time defined test routines are also available for subsequent software updates.


All-round solutions qualified in advance: Xantaro Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions

In order to save customers further operational expenses as well as for example to simplify the use of cloud technology, we provide proven standards for the implementation or further development of data centres with our Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions. Again, the incentive to do so is the experiences gained from numerous network and data centre projects.

The idea: We bundle our entire know-how around network technologies and operation for the modularisation and automation of the infrastructure. We abstract complex data centre designs into modular, individually usable components and standardise these in “blueprints” qualified by Xantaro for design, implementation and operation. Within the blueprints, all technological building blocks are reproducible and build the basis for norm processes.

If incidents occur in the installed base of any of our blueprint customers or if our partners announce vulnerabilities or rather service releases, our experts as part of problem management work out measures with appropriate solutions. Those are thereupon mapped into test routines and repeatedly tested automatically using realistically defined test setups and routines to ensure reliable and accurate results.



The Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions are continuously developed under the influence of all empirical values and the latest technologies


In this manner the blueprints are continuously developed within a lifecycle and the knowledge and experience from existing customer projects as well as the latest vendor recommendations are incorporated into the stability and reliability of each individual blueprint..

To find out more about the concept behind our Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions visit Next Gen Data Centre.

Furthermore, we support the implementation of the changes, and also day-to-day operations and network management with services relating to maintenance (XCare) and operational support (XOperate) as well as by utilising our specially developed service engine “Yukon“. By providing for example multi-vendor inventory data, information on end-of-life status, log data, performance data, correlations and dashboards, etc., Yukon allows for comprehensive transparency about network components and facilitates the handling and operation of the network.


Holistic approach by integrating our tools and solution concepts

Nowadays, business and production processes can hardly run smoothly without a stable data centre. Therefore, it is even more important that it withstands the digital transformation and is understood as a driver of growth, innovation and customer satisfaction when it comes to mapping bandwidth, performance, comprehensive access with low latency times, and also in relation to network management and security of the infrastructure.

To ensure that our customers benefit from easily adaptable solutions, accelerated implementation as well as reliable operation and improved handling, Xantaro translates knowledge and experience into method descriptions, best practices, blueprints and services. Within this scope, testing and qualifying hardware and software plays a decisive role in every phase of network development. Thus, we have integrated our XFAST solution and the XT³Lab into our blueprints and thereby are constantly expanding the functionality and scope of our Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions.

With Xantaro’s testing services and our Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions, your company becomes fit for the future in order to react quickly, flexibly and confidently to a wide variety of requirements.


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Oliver Pinter

Oliver Pinter

Lead Service Manager

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