IIn April 2007, Ingo Kierse and current CEO Gerold Arheilger were faced with a tricky task: their newly founded company, which was to be at the forefront of the IT industry, urgently needed a name.

The creative agency's suggestions: "Zero Data Integration Services", "Strike Back Technology" and "Omega Forces" - and none of these ideas were convincing.

However, time was running out and the company had to be entered in the commercial register the next day. Over a glass of red wine, Gerold remembered the name "Xanthos" from Greek mythology.

But this name was already taken. However, he liked the sound of the name "Xan-thos" and the story behind it: It was about the horse of the same name that once mastered human language.

So he started a virtual Scrabble game with letters and endings. The name "Xantaro" was born. In a hastily convened telephone conference on a Monday evening in August 2007, the decision was unanimous: The name "Xantaro" is a tribute to the heritage of mankind and the infinite possibilities of technology, just as the talking horse Xanthos once pushed the boundaries of communication.

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