Xantaro is “Official Partner of the esports player foundation”

Cologne, 01 February 2023 – Xantaro, Europe’s leading specialist for setting up and operating high-performance networks, has been an official “Enabling Partner” of the esports player foundation (epf) since the beginning of the year. Within the partnership, which will initially run for three years, Xantaro supports the epf’s sponsored esport players by optimising the technical infrastructure and also promotes five young talents in their individual, in-service career planning.

Gamers need high-performance network connections – the faster the response time of the network connection, the better the individual reaction speed of the gamer is supported by the technology. In concrete terms, this means that with the help of digital high-performance networks, the actions of the players can be reproduced in the respective game exactly in the same thousandth of a second in which the action was triggered by the gamer. As part of the partnership with epf, Xantaro will be responsible for optimising the digital infrastructure used.

In addition to the technical support, Xantaro will work with epf to provide targeted individual support for five young talents. This includes participation in a so-called “IT trial”. This involves support for studies and training, internships and much more. Because being a sponsored player at epf also means having a “Plan B” at the ready in addition to a career as a pro player. This is where epf provides support in the form of dual career opportunities. Just like in classic competitive sports, a career as an athlete can also have its hurdles, even if players have the necessary talent and discipline.
The epf is responsible for selecting and coordinating the talents for the “IT Trial”. The whole thing will be accompanied by the media and can be followed on social media.


Jörg Adami, Managing Director of the esports player foundation „Xantaro will be able to establish itself well in esports and especially in the promotion of young talents. It is important that the talents pursue a Plan B alongside their professional careers. The ‘IT Trial’ gives them security and important foundations for their life after Esports. We are very happy to be able to offer our talents this opportunity together with Xantaro.“

Christina Kempers, Chief Operating Officer of Xantaro: „We are very excited about the partnership. As an established network specialist for large companies and mobile providers, we are happy to make the know-how of our experts available to Esports players. At the same time, as an expanding IT company that has a considerable need for personnel, we are taking on a ‘job sponsorship’ for five talented gamers. In addition to support with the double burden of school/studies/training and a career in sports, we also offer exciting insights into future-proof occupational fields as well as internships in the company and the prospect of a permanent position if the professional career as an esports player does not come true.“




About Xantaro

Xantaro is Europe’s leading Solution Provider for planning, proof-of-concept, construction, operation and maintenance of high-performance computer networks for carriers, service providers and large enterprises. As a supplier and integrator of components and services from different network layers and manufacturers, Xantaro offers customised solutions: from optical transport systems to IP/MPLS service platforms, Carrier Ethernet products, data centre and virtualisation solutions, voice and video applications to complete product life cycle management. Services include independent advice on investment decisions and selection of system technology, delivery and smooth integration of components and specially developed value-added services into existing network infrastructures.


About esports player foundation

The esports player foundation brings know-how from traditional sports promotion to esports. It promotes young and established talents through financial support, professionalisation of training and comprehensive advice on legal matters and health issues. Furthermore, the foundation provides support in securing a successful professional life after the esports career. The esports player foundation is financed by the commitment of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and numerous business partners. The shareholder of the esports player foundation is the game – Association of the German Games Industry. A supervisory board with companies from the esports scene and the games industry as well as partners from politics and society support the esports player foundation.

Further information at www.esportsplayerfoundation.org

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