Testing in the XT³Lab: Smartoptics 400G-ZR in Juniper PTX10001-36MR

XT³Lab in Frankfurt a.M. stands for "Xantaro Technology, Testing & Training Laboratory" - three core aspects when it comes to the design, continuous development and reliable operation of complex networks.

Equipped with over 80 physical and numerous virtualised systems from the manufacturer Juniper Networks, the environment is also the largest Juniper technology and test laboratory in Germany.

Juniper PTX10001 in the XT3Lab |

Xantaro Juniper Networks PTX series in the XT³Lab

Until now, the Juniper Networks PTX series was designed for use in Tier 1 networks. The new generation now also includes devices with a smaller footprint and lower power consumption for use in smaller environments.

The PTX10001-36MR was a must for the major XT³Lab upgrades in 2020/2021, because with up to 9.6 Tbps and 100/400G interfaces in just one height unit, the system is interesting for use in the networks of a wide variety of Xantaro customers.

High-capacity duo for DCI

The new use cases are an opportunity for the Xantaro team to test the device intensively "beyond the data sheets" and also to check for interoperability. One item on the list was the use of 400G-ZR optics from Xantaro partner Smartoptics in Juniper Networks' PTX10001-36MR.

400G connectivity is part of the Smartoptics portfolio of data centre connectivity solutions. This involves connecting routing platforms over longer distances using the 400G-ZR transceivers. The transmission tests in the XT³Lab confirm the combination of Smartoptics 400G-ZR and the new PTX10001-36MR routers from Juniper Networks as a high-capacity option for data centre interconnect (DCI).

The story continues with 400G-ZR+... in the truest sense of the word: We are looking forward to the tests of 400G-ZR+ optics in the new PTX system planned for early 2022. With ranges of several 100 km, these should finally exceed the regional DCI use case and thus also provide a cost-effective option for supra-regional connections with high bandwidths. We will keep you up to date!