Based on the automation of several key elements of the IT stack, Juniper Networks provides a powerful, AI-driven platform to ensure an excellent user experience in enterprise networks: Juniper, driven by Mist AI.

The solution provides comprehensive transparency, simplicity and high performance to simplify the operation and management of IT environments – from the Wireless Edge to the Wired LAN to the WAN. The portfolio for therefore consists of access points and edge components, Juniper EX-Series Switches and SRX3xx Services Gateways as well as the corresponding Session Smart Routers (SSR).

Juniper Networks Wired and Wireless Access, driven by Mist AI

For smooth business operations, networks – whether wired or wireless – are more important today than ever. However, with the growing number of connected mobile devices and IoT resources, administration is becoming more and more complicated. In addition, more and more diverse hardware components, operating systems and applications are in use.

With this in mind, Juniper Networks, the leading provider of network and security products, has acquired Mist Systems, a leading company in the market of AI-based wireless networks. In close cooperation, the AI-based WLAN platform developed by Mist Systems was turned into an integrated solution for administration and monitoring and today comprises entire network and security infrastructures of the enterprise class.

The seamless access to wired and wireless network is ensured via edge systems and provides a detailed overview of both existing (“brownfield”) and new architectures.


Details about Juniper MIST AI

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Juniper, driven by Mist AI – Use Cases & Portfolio

Under the header “AI-driven Enterprise”, Juniper Networks’ AI-driven solution targets the enterprise sector and enables IT teams to have reliable and measurable network access with insight into the user experience, consistent network segmentation and security for both wired and wireless infrastructure, ease of use through automation that saves time and money and eliminates manual errors, as well as the implementation of high-quality, location-based services such as advertising, route finding, messaging and positioning of assets.

With the optional Cloud Services, also Juniper systems can be integrated into the Mist AI, provisioned (ZTP), viewed and operated end-to-end (“Optimal Client-to-Cloud User Experiences”) – a further development through which results in use cases for SD-WAN environments or campus networks (EVPN-VXLAN).

AI-Driven Enterprise

The Challenges

  • No visibility into issues adversely affecting users and devices
  • Limited metrics across wired and wireless domains
  • Manual configuration and management processes causing inefficiencies
  • Lack of accountability when disparate solutions are deployed across the IT stack

The Benefits

  • Visibility into the user’s wired and wireless experience empowers IT
  • AI-driven actions for proactive recommendations
  • API-based automation saves time and money
  • Operational efficiencies through automation enable rapid fault isolation and troubleshooting

The Components 

The “Juniper, Driven by Mist” Wired and Wireless Infrastructure consists of:

  • Mist Access Points deployed on premises for Wi-Fi, BLE, and/or IoT access
  • Cloud-grade switching with Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switches
  • Enterprise-grade security with Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways with unified threat management, next-generation firewall services, and dynamic threat intelligence

The Mist Cloud

The Mist Cloud – Work from anywhere and on any device, whether you are in corporate headquarters, a branch or a remote office, at home or on the go.

The Mist Cloud combines AI automation with micro-services agility to:

  • Deliver feature velocity with seamless upgrades that take minutes instead of months
  • Provide full programmability via open APIs for proactive automation and easy integration with third-party or in- house applications
  • Adapt in real time to changes in user, device, and application behavior for predictable, reliable Wi-Fi and accurate location services
  • Monitor network trends in real time and send alerts when service levels degrade
  • Make recommendations for troubleshooting and proactive configuration changes

Mist Cloud Services

Wifi Assurance

  • Creation and monitoring of WiFi metrics via Service Level Expectations (SLE)
  • Proactive root cause analysis, identification with one click
  • On-boarding with little effort or activation QR code
  • Scalable guest access solution
  • “AI-Driven Radio Insight Resource Management” – detailed radio insights and simultaneous optimisation of WiFi performance
  • Real-time user information at any time
  • Simple resource allocation and QoS via WxLAN for WiFi users with a click of the mouse

Wired Assurance

  • Creation and monitoring of Switch metrics via Service Level Expectations (SLE)
  • Proactive root cause analysis, identification with a click
  • On-boarding with little effort or rather activation QR code
  • Open APIs for third party integration
  • “AI-Driven Switch Insight” – detailed switch insights into ports, CPU, memory and utilisation

WAN Assurance

  • Improved user experiences based on the knowledge of the collected SD-WAN edge telemetry data from the SRX series
  • End-to-end impact analysis by correlating events in LAN, WLAN and WAN
  • Automatic identification and correction of faulty interfaces in the network
  • Insights into Session Smart Routers, SRX Gateways and WAN links


The “Marvis” conversation interface is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Marvis is interactive and responds in real time to user inquiries and provides support by means of root cause analysis, detection of anomalies and data correlation.

Asset Tracking

API-based location and analysis applications for locating mobile users and equipment – e.g. from nursing staff, security guards to forklifts or medical aids.

Risk Profiling

With Risk Profiling, Mist AI extends the security of the infrastructure: Fast detection and reaction to compromised devices, including a threat value that is determined by the Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud.

Premium Analytics

  • End-to-end Network Visibility through analysis of network data from clients/users to optimise network resources
  • Orchestrated network and application performance queries – applications are optimised by analysing and correlating data in the Mist Cloud
  • Deeper insights into “3rd party” networks and devices
  • Access to real-time reports of network anomalies such as rouges or honeypots APs

User Management

  • Easy setup, scaling and provision of precise indoor location services through a patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE)
  • Real-time guidance to guide users with accuracies of up to one meter and a latency of less than a second
  • Creation of push notifications through virtual beacons for context-related message transmission
  • SDK interface for the integration of mobile APPs 

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