Maintenance service for 30,000 network components for one of the largest mobile network operators in Germany

Since its foundation in 2007, Xantaro has ensured the reliable operation of its customers' high-performance network infrastructures by providing a high-quality maintenance service. This is also the case for one of the largest mobile network operators in Germany, which operates extensive infrastructure to provide mobile and fixed network connections for approximately 50 million end customers. 

The challenge in the maintenance of such a network lies in its vast area, which in this case covers all of Germany with an enormous amount of distributed systems. Since 2017, Xantaro has been responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of around 30,000 Juniper Networks network components.  


Maintenance service with an SLA of 4 hours for 30,000 network components 

The mobile network provider’s expectation that technical faults are resolved within a maximum of 4 hours requires a highly professional team, processes coordinated down to the last detail and nationwide availability of spare parts. Xantaro meets all these requirements and, as a service partner, ensures that millions of end customers can reliably use the mobile communications provider’s services. 

Xantaro's Service Management works hand-in-hand with its own logistics department and its partner Juniper Networks to ensure the stocking of replacement components via the strategically distributed spare parts warehouses in Germany. If required, trained field service engineers can carry out on-site replacement in the shortest possible time.  


XTAC – in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for our customers 

The central interface between the maintenance customer and the vendor is the Xantaro Technical Assistance Centre (XTAC). The support team consists of highly specialised engineers with many years of experience in troubleshooting complex multi-vendor networks and offers the customer best-in-class expertise and communication on an equal footing for solution-oriented, timely troubleshooting. 

In the event of a failure, XTAC controls the field service and logistics, ensuring that the defective components are uninstalled, and the new components implemented within the agreed service level. XTAC also manages professional RMA processing. Xantaro achieves this professional management using its ticket system. Automatic escalation processes take effect according to the priority of a fault. Through regular communication, the procedure and possible solutions are also coordinated directly with the customer – until all services have been fully restored.



Maintenance service for 30,000 network components for one of the largest mobile network operators in Germany



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