Xantaro supports Brsk with technology from Nokia and Juniper Networks for FTTH rollout

Brsk Limited is an FTTP broadband operator installing a new full-fibre broadband network to homes and businesses across underserviced areas of the UK. Brsk installs, operates and maintains the fibre network. It also provides best-in-class consumer ISP services with no contracts, flexible packages and affordable pricing.

The UK has one of the lowest rates of access to full-fibre Internet in Europe, primarily due to a reliance on part-copper cabling rather than high-speed fibre optic. For this reason, the UK suffers from lower-than-average speeds and fares worse in terms of value for money, coming 23rd of the 29 countries in Europe and ranking 81st worldwide. Brsk intends to change that with their excellent customer service, and their full, fast fibre.


The new broadband provider Brsk Limited aims to bring high-performance fiber optic connections directly into the homes of previously underserved communities and regions. Brsk is currently rolling out its gigabit fiber network to tens of thousands of homes in the West Yorkshire region. The first homes and buildings in the towns of Bingley and Keighley have already been connected and are already benefiting from Brsk's new gigabit internet services. More households in North Bradford and in the recently announced areas around Burnley and Accrington will follow by the end of 2021. 

Xantaro advises and supports Brsk with many years of experience in the planning and implementation of high-performance infrastructures and supports the rollout of FTTX networks based on the technology of Xantaro partners Nokia and Juniper Networks. 


Xantaro delivers multi-vendor infrastructure for FTTH rollout 

Brsk relies on Xantaro for the deployment of its new FTTH network infrastructure. Xantaro is supplying high-performance infrastructure components from different manufacturers for the project from a single source: Juniper Networks' IP technology is being implemented for the national distribution network and the IP core network, while Nokia's XGSPON technology is being used for the FTTH OLT/ONT components. XGSPON is a highly scalable PON (Passive Optical Networking) standard that functions at up to 10 Gbit/s in both directions and enables symmetrical Internet access services for end customers.


Jointly laying the foundation for future growth

"The Brsk full-fiber network is a high-performance, future-proof infrastructure," said Mark Hutchinson, managing director of Xantaro UK Ltd and CSO of Xantaro Group. "Nokia fiber technology is highly scalable and can be managed in an automated way. It therefore creates a reliable basis for Brsk for future business development as well." 

"We are very pleased," says Steve Glendinning, CTO at Brsk, "to have found an experienced partner in Xantaro for our nationwide FTTH rollout and to be able to source key components from a single source. This way, we feel well equipped for future growth as our FTTH rollout will span new regions across the country." 

For further information visit: www.brsk.co.uk


Xantaro supports Brsk with technology from Nokia and Juniper Networks for FTTH rollout – PDF

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