Exascale relies on Xantaro and Nokia technology for its FTTH project

Exascale is a UK-based provider of scalable business internet solutions and point-to-point multi-site connectivity. With almost a decade of experience under the belt working with some of the most diverse companies in the country, the first-class service has been trusted by thousands who rely on Exascale’s services every single day.


Exascale has set itself the goal of providing households and businesses in the region around its headquarters in Telford with high-performance fibre connections. A total of 100,000 households and businesses are to be connected by 2026. Xantaro is supporting Exascale with many years of experience in the planning and integration of the high-performance fibre infrastructures and multi-vendor expertise in networking technology in the ongoing FTTH rollout.


Infrastructure expertise and Nokia technology from a single source

Based on in-depth knowledge of the market and infrastructure components, Xantaro consulted with broadband provider Exascale in the concept development and the selection of appropriate technology to drive the broadband expansion in the UK. Exascale opted for an end-to-end solution for its high-performance Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) network. With both the OLT (Optical Line Terminal) components at the provider and ONT (Optical Network Terminal) components at the customer premises coming from Nokia. In addition, Nokia Beacons for WLAN at home are offered to the connected customers. All required Nokia technology is delivered by Xantaro from a single source.  


A sustainable network for the region 

"Today, an efficient and reliable broadband connection is not only important for any household, but especially for the companies in our region to strengthen competitiveness and growth. We want to make a decisive contribution to this." says Thomas Bibb, CEO at Exascale. "Xantaro is the perfect partner for our FTTH project. They provided us with in-depth networking knowledge to help us choose the best technology, took over the delivery and also support the implementation. Securing everything from a single source makes the co-operation very efficient for us.” 

"High-performance fibre connections are very important for the regional future and competitiveness," states Mark Hutchinson, Managing Director and CSO at Xantaro. "We are delighted to be able to contribute to the broadband expansion in the UK with our expertise in Nokia fibre technology which can be managed automatically, is highly scalable, and at a very competitive price."

For further information visit: www.exascale.co.uk



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