Upgrading Cloud Service infrastructure for high-capacity 100 Gb/s transport routes

Our customer successfully provides its clients with a full range of integrated communications solutions. Founded as a Telephone systems provider back in the ‘90s, our customer has strongly evolved its network and services with low latency Wide Area Network solutions and can deliver super-fast connectivity to businesses, partners and the public sector. With their UK-wide network infrastructure, they are well positioned to enable their customers to achieve growth.


Offering flexible Cloud service solutions

Our customer supports their clients with a range of flexible cloud-based solutions, which are enabled by their network interconnecting premier data centre sites in Edinburgh, Airdrie and Glasgow. This network offers our customer’s clients Scottish high-capacity routes for robust and secure cloud connectivity options.


Deploying Infinera’s XTM Series

This project aimed to upgrade their data centre interconnections in Scotland to scale with high-capacity allowing 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) per lambda. Our customer selected Xantaro an Infinera partner to support them in planning and deploying Infinera’s metro packet-optical XTM series platform. Infinera’s XTM Series provides 10 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s and Fibre Channel transport services with low power consumption and ultra-low latency in a single platform. At the same time, it reduces the complexity of conventional wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks with its service-rich and multi-speed features.

The project covered the optical layer between seven sites in Glasgow with the focus on providing multiple 10G services at each data centre. Xantaro supported with implementing new optical transport routes of up to 80km (32km in average) between their sites. Through the deployment of Infinera’s XTM platform, our customer has the opportunity for future growth including 100G services and beyond. This simplicity and scalability make them ready to adjust their services to their clients’ future needs flexibly.



The new infrastructure prepares our customer for future growth and offers new business opportunities. Xantaro supported with deep optical transport expertise and experience with Infinera’s products. We successfully helped to deploy an optical ring in Glasgow with Infinera’s XTM series which enables our customer to expand their services and to offer their clients the ‘best of breed’ cloud solutions. In addition to this, our customer can reduce their costs due to the simplicity and low-power consumption of Infinera’s XTM Series platform.

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