Managing explosive data growth across the network

Our customer interconnects research and education communities worldwide with its pan-European high-capacity data network. They mainly provide high-bandwidth links enabling collaboration across Europe and besides they are also focusing on testing the newest network technologies.

High burst traffic is critical for research 

A key challenge within the Research and Education environment is the explosive growth of data and the ‘burst’ nature of its delivery onto the network. The customer needed a solution that could not only deal with such dynamic requirements but also provide the flexibility and scale to deal with it while continuing to service the expanding requirements from its customer base. All of this had to be achieved within a short timeframe and on budget. 

Furthermore, it was the customer’s ambition to remain at the forefront of new technology advances, having the ability to move towards a genuinely Open Systems environment at some point in the future.  


Juniper‘s MX Series fits best 

Firstly, we sought to understand the type of data generated in the customers’ network and analysed the traffic patterns to know where the key challenges are. From there we researched the market to realize what Routing and Switching technologies are the best for our customers’ infrastructure. 

After consultation, it transpired that Juniper’s MX platform not only meets the immediate scaling challenge, but it also scales against future network growth. Also, this platform could be included within a more comprehensive, Open Systems approach, enabling flexibility to assist with automating services to the pan-European customer community. 



The immediate impact was that the customer was able to scale up and address the critical areas of the network where data growth was most prolific. Also, by deploying an SDN-ready platform position itself for the next wave of network growth and unpredictable data bursts. 

We continue to supply and support the customers’ pan-European Juniper network and advise them on SDN strategies to meet their goal of reducing costs and automating service rollout.  


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