Global IP MPLS Network for best-in-class services

Our customer is a leading global telecommunications services provider for best-in-class network connectivity and content delivery solutions. Using network point of presence (PoP) locations around the world enables our customer to provide flexible, secure, fast and predictable connections to Internet exchange points, data centres and clouds, financial exchanges, media content hubs and critical enterprise locations.

High-capacity and low-latency are critical when working with the world’s largest banks, content providers, and social media platforms. Having a stable and dependable platform is crucial, and it is their top priority to ensure availability, along with the capability to scale according to their clients' needs. 


Best-in-class network services required 

Our customer worked with us and our partner Juniper Networks to design and build a global IP MPLS network that would allow them to sell best-in-class IP Transit and Ethernet services. The network services offered enable their customers to connect with multiple cloud service platforms, data centres or Internet exchanges through the use of VLAN based virtual circuits. 

Speeds of 1Gbps to 100Gbps covered with various routing mechanism's when required for resiliency. Traffic engineering in the network utilised to offer an Ethernet service to our client’s customers that feature pre-determined routing, predictable latency and protection options which is essential for mission-critical applications requiring guaranteed latency performance. 



All in all, Xantaro helped design the network improvements, pre-stage, install and support our customer’s multi-site network which included the hardware deployment of Juniper’s MX and PTX Series. 

Due to our internal use of automation and provisioning capabilities within the pre-staging process our customer saved time and expedite the deployment by leveraging our professional services. 

Our customers investment provided them the competitive advantage resulting in sales that equated to three times the network investment before going live with services. The ROI continues to grow due to high demand from customers requiring access to their advanced, low-latency networks. 


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