Data Centre Interconnect in London & Paris

Our customer owns and operates 14 fibre based metropolitan networks in five countries, connected with a high-capacity intercity backbone reaching 49 cities in 15 countries. This company is a leading data centre connectivity provider in Europe, providing fibre, wavelengths and Ethernet services to the financial, media and wholesale markets, directly connecting over 300 key data centres.


Financial trading requires low-latency 

One of the essential requirements of this project was to support our client’s financial trading customers needing high-speed low-latency connectivity from London to Essex, a major financial services hub. Infinera’s Cloud Xpress was chosen as the solution because it provides hyper-scale density, operational simplicity, low power consumption and low latency. Especially, because in the financial industry low latency trading demands are critical. Furthermore, Cloud Xpress matches perfectly as a solution for space and power restricted metro facilities while providing high input and output capacity.  




Another element of our solution was the deployment of Infinera’s TM-Series in Paris for providing a high-performance metro Ethernet network for our customers enterprise clients. Therefore, we have jointly worked together with our customer to install the Infinera TM-Series, with low power, high density, and efficiency in a single platform, for connecting 17 new sites across the city. As a result, our customer could extend his connectivity offerings to new enterprise and data centre clients. 



Our customer and other operators alike continue to see a tremendous demand for bandwidth, especially in space and power limited metro locations. The Infinera Cloud Xpress platform is purpose-built for high-capacity data centre interconnect which explicitly addresses needs where packet optical transport services may require 10Gbps to 100Gbps. Furthermore, Cloud Xpress provides scalability for significant growth in traffic, while being efficient due to space saving and lower operational costs. In addition to this, the Infinera TM-Series is ideal to address the needs of customers, from the access to the metro core.  


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