Building a new core network based on Nokia’s architecture for sustainable business growth

Our customer is a leading services provider in Ireland in the fields of Telecommunications, Data Connectivity and Security. Their business is expanding rapidly, and they are already serving many thousands of customers worldwide. Their portfolio includes a wide range of services such as broadband and telephony for both residential and business customers.


Rising operational costs due to the burden of legacy systems 

The customer has extended its existing core network continuously over recent years following substantial business success and the need for greater bandwidth capacity and new services. This commercial success has led to the current core network reaching its operational limits, while the entire infrastructure has become more and more complex, resulting in rising operational costs.  


Xantaro audit the network for future growth 

To ensure that the company is well prepared for the future, Xantaro was asked to audit the entire network infrastructure and to develop the technical designs for future growth. After evaluating the network, it was jointly decided with the customer that, in the interests of sustainable business success and the most effective technical solution, it was best to implement an entirely new core network based on Nokia’s technology stack.  




Nokia’s 7750 SR platform with 7210 SAS as satellites 

Xantaro designed the new 40 Gbps (upgradable to 100Gbps) core network based on Nokia’s 7750 SR Service Router platform serving as a collapsed P/PE router, using the 7210 Service Access Switches (SAS) as satellites to aggregate 10GE ports via 100Gbps uplinks. The flexible port extension through the 7210 platform ensures maximum cost efficiency and scalability for future growth resulting in 128 of 10GE ports per site. 


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