When purchasing electronic equipment such as TVs, computers or stereos, you typically expect to open up the box and be able to use the device without any unexpected faults. It should “just work”. However, with networking equipment such as switches and routers, chassis components need to be assembled and devices configured before installation.


The Purpose of Equipment Staging

Staging is the process of building and preparing equipment ready for delivery and installation. This is a key building block for successful hardware delivery and infrastructure roll-out. Nearly all network equipment is delivered from the manufacturer in modular form, with no configuration on board. Chassis, line-cards, power supplies and other components are put together according to the customer design. Software is then installed and configured ready for use.

Staging equipment can take time, but is proven to be an effective way of curbing the initial frustration of early operation failures.


Staging Fundamentals

The staging process itself consists of two main parts:

  • Once out of the box, the physical hardware is tested for chassis integrity, power supply, and standard operation.
  • After the device has been assembled from its modular components, the software is then installed with or without pre-configuration, based on the customer design.

Device pre-configuration can significantly shorten delivery times and minimise deployment costs, especially with larger network or CPE roll-outs. The software can also be checked for compatibility and interoperability with other networking devices, potentially saving hours of time during equipment installation. 


Xantaro Facilities

Customers can stage and prepare equipment themselves, but this can use up valuable time and resources. Any unforeseen faults or complications can delay projects and delivery of services.

At Xantaro, we work with the customer as an extension to their team that can stage and prepare equipment ready for delivery and installation. Configurations can be uploaded and tested to specific customer requirements. This means your engineering teams can get back to engineering, and not unpacking boxes.


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