For reliable test results and faster updates in the productive network:


Xantaro Fully Automated Software Testing

The utilisation of new hardware or features can require a software update as well as the end-of-life of an implemented software version or bugs and security issues that have to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

However, many systems and functions interact in a network and every change can affect operations. Extensive testing is therefore important. However, it is also time-consuming and resource-intensive.

With XFAST, Xantaro automates and accelerates error-prone manual test processes and ensures faster and regular software updates in the productive network!

Our answer to testing of complex network scenarios:

XFAST – Xantaro Fully Automated Software Testing

Bug fixes, security issues, new features and systems or rather their interoperability – changes in the network have various reasons. Experience shows that intensive, early and regular tests are crucial since the later the impact, the higher the costs in terms of time, money and reputation.

In order to meet the ever shorter innovation cycles and test times, Xantaro offers the XFAST service that significantly reduces test effort, maximizes the quality of test results and minimizes risks when implementing new operating systems into the productive environment!


> Preparation

  • First, the test setup and test plan are defined in close cooperation with the customer. Load patterns are specified as required to ensure the test scenario is as close to production as possible.
  • For a clear starting point, Xantaro then validates the test topology and the defined test plan before starting the actual target release tests.


> Implementation

  • The scenarios to be tested are set up in the customer’s own laboratory or alternatively in the XT³Lab – the Xantaro Technology, Testing & Training Lab – and carried out fully automatically.
  • The components of the test topology are updated bit by bit, with the entire test plan being run through again after each update.


> Results & Update

  • Immediately after completion of the tests, the results are automatically documented in a detailed report, examined by Xantaro for deviations and discussed with the customer accordingly.
  • If necessary, our experts support you with error analysis and communication with the vendor.

Preparing a test environment to create a realistic scenario is very time-consuming. Numerous steps such as installing the correct operating system or setting up the device configurations must be carried out manually.

Problems caused by faulty software or errors in your own test setup lead to incalculable delays and repetitions.

Realistic testing and qualification of software and network components requires an appropriately equipped laboratory environment.

In addition, trained employees with in-depth technical know-how in the functioning of the systems and expertise in carrying out the tests are required so that highly qualified employees are bound for the duration of the qualification.

If operating systems are only brought up to date in long-term cycles, this hinders the ability to innovate and also reduces security since also security updates must be tested extensively before the implementation.

In addition, if End-of-Service (EoS) releases continue to be used, the vendor support is no longer guaranteed in the event of a fault.

> XFAST saves time

  • time savings through automated implementation
  • no long-term commitment of internal resources

> XFAST saves resources

  • accelerated implementation in the customer laboratory or alternatively in the extensively equipped XT³Lab including the use of traffic generators as required
  • test execution by Xantaro without tying up your own employees

> XFAST ensures security

  • risk minimisation for updates in the productive network through precise and reliable results
  • accelerated implementation of updates through reproducible tests, also for security scenarios

Mit Yukon stellt Xantaro seinen Kunden eine eigens entwickelte, herstellerübergreifende Service-Engine zum Netzwerk- und Service-Management zur Verfügung.


As a central platform for a wide range of network management use cases, Yukon collects relevant information from the systems of a network, normalizes the data and puts them in context within various applications.

The XFAST app gives Yukon customers direct access to the XFAST frontend, which can be used to track planned and currently running test runs and download test results as a PDF report.

Find out more about Yukon here …

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