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The reliable network operation and the availability of business critical services are essential to the operator – to avoid loss in sales as well as to strengthen the market reputation.

Our MAINTENANCE SERVICES area is specialist on maintenance services for multi-vendor environments. The benefit: Xantaro is the Single-Point-of-Contact for its customers against all technology partners, and supports with variable and preventive services to the point of proactive services.

XCare –
Maintenance Services according to the desired service level

XCare comprises all Xantaro maintenance services from a simple bring-in repair service to replacement of components in advance, the storage of spare part repositories and on-site support.


  • The standardised products XCare BASIC, XCare ADVANCED and XCare ADVANCED-PLUS are modular and differ with regards to the scope and timeframes of services around fault clearance and hardware replacement for defective network components.
  • In addition to all standardised service packages, there is also the option of designing the XCare maintenance contract flexibly. By compiling a combination of the various options to individual packages, the support service is tailored to the specific needs of the customer.


Detailed information on our Maintenance Services and the functioning can be found in our brochure.


XCare Services Overview


  • Hotline only
  • 24/7 Support

Software Update Delivery

yes / no

Hardware Delivery

  • Vendor Warranty
  • Hardware Repair Service
  • Advance Replacement

Arrival Time

  • Vendor SLA
  • 5 Business Days
  • 3 Business Days
  • 2 Business Days
  • Next Business Day
  • Same Day up to 4h
  • Same Day up to 3h

FSE – Onsite Service

yes / no

Customer Portal

yes / no

ADD-ONs – Extending contractual services to focussed & proactive support

Advanced Services

For the further development of a network and the implementation of new applications, Xantaro provides XCare customers with Advanced Services delivering proactive support options:

  • recommendation and implementation of appropriate software

  • preventive maintenance & network optimisation

  • review of upcoming changes within an infrastructure

  • feature analysis

  • support automation

Focused XTAC Support

For optimal handling of all processes within a case, an end-to-end view is important. In particular with regard to the root cause and rectification in multivendor scenarios, the knowledge of the interaction of different technologies and vendors is vital.

With the option of Focused XTAC Supports, Xantaro offers an additional security factor: An XTAC engineer is trained specifically to deal with a particular customer network and assumes all responsibility for the Focused Support.

XCare EOL – Reporting-As-a-Service

Based on the utilisation of Yukon, the Xantaro service engine, in the customer network, Xantaro provides dedicated reporting services to optimize and ensure reliable network operation and to simplify troubleshooting.

With the XCare End-of-Life reporting system, Xantaro takes care of analysing the life cycle of all components covered by XCare maintenance. Service step-downs such as end-of-life, end-of-service etc. are duly documented in a detailed report, making it easy to identify the resulting need for action.

Find out more about Yukon …

XCare Building Blocks

The Xantaro maintenance services are characterised by the Xantaro Technical Assistance Center (XTAC) as the central interface for any technical support, by a dedicated Service Management as well as Service Delivery & Contract Management and Field Service & Logistics.

Based on long-standing experience in the maintenance of high-performance networks, the teams provide contract management and high-touch support in a professional and experienced manner to ensure the performance and availability of the network.

The Xantaro Technical Assistance CenterXTAC – is the central interface for all technology-related subjects for all Xantaro products and solutions. The team consists of dedicated engineers delivering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year high-touch support to customers based on long-standing experience in troubleshooting complex multi-vendor environments.

In the event of a problem, XTAC takes over the communication on a level playing field and directly coordinates possible solutions with the customer. Professional and promp troubleshooting is ensured by a ticket system through which automatic escalation processes take effect according to the priority of a fault, until all affected services are fully recovered.

Furthermore, depending on the contractual service agreement stipulations, XTAC coordinates the Logistics and Field Service for example for proper RMA handling or for the de-installation of defective equipment and installation of the replacement components by continuously trained Field Service Engineers on-site.


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ISO 9001 – Xantaro

Xantaro has established a dedicated Service Management for all contractual services. The concept is based on ITIL best practices with defined processes, functions and methods, through which the reliable fulfillment of the services, the continuous optimisation with regard to quality, efficiency and economy, as well as the best possible support of the network operation are ensured.

In addition, as part of quality management Xantaro holds the ISO 9001:2008 certificate set out by the International Standardisation Organization (ISO).

In the context of XCare, the Service Management is responsible for:

  • observence of contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • analysis and implementation of optimised processes
  • conduct of Service Review Meetings in order to analyse performed services and optimisation opportunities
  • escalation support in ticket handling by ensuring all necessary measures and resources

With Europe-wide storage facilities as well as worldwide service partnerships, Xantaro enables hardware replacement services with arrival times within three hours. Therefore, the Service Delivery team takes on the concept and planning of the respective pooling as well as administration and optimisation of the equipment.

Xantaro Contract Management supports the customers with lifecycle management by providing information regarding forthcoming end of life support, expiry of contracts and the option of a seamless renewal. Existing contracts can be consolidated for optimisation, and supplementary hardware can be added to service contracts.

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