Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions.

Juniper enables Smart Operations for Service Providers by gathering intelligence from across the physical and virtual infrastructure and DevOps applications that run the infrastructure to visualise the entire stack across your customers’ private and public cloud, in real-time. This greatly simplifies cloud deployments and the cost of tools to operate them.

Service Providers can monitor the customers’ health and usage of cloud resources with detailed analytics and take corrective action to meet a pre-defined intended state, increasing uptime by ensuring rapid root cause analysis and automatic remediation.

For example: identifying an application that is monopolising shared resources which impacts service on other workloads and redistributing workloads or increasing resources to alleviate the contention.

Being able to track cloud resource usage allows you to optimise and right-size resources to enable the most efficient use of cloud resources and removing unnecessary cost of running under-utilised infrastructure.

For example:  change memory or CPU of your virtual instances based monitored usage or adjust the size of your virtual instances and functions dynamically according to changes in demand. This information also enables you to predict what resources will be required in the future enabling effective planning and budgeting.

Gartner has predicted that between the end of 2016 and 2020 there will be an 85{9ca2b804980e1366d5ad98b19e92767ba0e65e733a9ed43f1a9abd744a35c848} reduction in the use of Command-Line-Interface to operation data centre networks, in favour of automation frameworks and APIs. Juniper is helping customers realise the business benefits of this approach today.

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   DevOps for Communications Service Providers


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