18-19 June 2019, London


Xantaro a gold sponsor @Connected Britain, partners with Nokia to provide universal next-generation Passive Optical Networks (PON).

Next-generation PON: The next step for GPON with Xantaro & Nokia

Simplify and accelerate fibre network evolution with Nokia’s universal next-generation PON approach which converges several key NG-PON technologies into one solution. With this solution, you can make simple, flexible and efficient network upgrades to 10G and beyond.

Turn your fibre into a value generator

Fibre network evolution isn’t all about boosting bandwidth. To succeed in the long term, you need technologies that will help you generate more revenue, get more value from the network, and decrease your costs and risk.

Talk to Xantaro, Nokia’s service integration partner for more information.

With the UK on course to have 15 million FTTH connections by 2025, and full fibre penetration by 2033 the race is on to secure investment to deliver this monumental infrastructure challenge.

At the same time new questions emerge as UK Digital Strategy sets broader challenges for the public and private sector to make the most of the opportunities this new digital infrastructure brings. How can the UK deliver skills to enable the digital economy to flourish? How can we support new digital businesses? How can we enable old businesses to deliver digital transformations that will allow them to capitalise on new opportunities?

Connected Britain 2019, whilst continuing to be the best place to understand the regulatory and financial landscape for digital infrastructure investment, will increasingly look to answer these questions. There will be a renewed focus on the wider implications of UK Digital Strategy for the telecoms industry and beyond, and how we can tackle challenges head on to become a leading player in the digital revolution.