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Qualification of private 5G applications on the new test site in Moers

Triopt and Xantaro will jointly address the implementation of needs-based 5G campus solutions as strategic partners in the future. The focus is on use cases for medium-sized and large companies in various sectors that want to further automate existing processes and optimize the control and monitoring of their infrastructure.

Triopt GmbH is a specialist in the field of radio and landline planning, implementation and optimisation; Xantaro has many years of cross-technology expertise in the planning, implementation and operation of innovative, high-performance network solutions. As cooperation partners, Triopt and Xantaro complement their core competencies to form a joint end-to-end service portfolio for planning, testing, building, integrating and operating individual 5G campus networks. The kick-off of the cooperation was sealed today with a meeting of the management at Triopt in Moers.


Jörg Dahms, Managing Director at Triopt Group: “With Xantaro, we have a partner with high level expertise in the field of network technology, who perfectly complements our own expertise. We look forward to our joint market approach in the enterprise segment and to developing and implementing innovative 5G applications together.”

Gerold Arheilger, CEO der Xantaro Group: “The cooperation with Triopt rounds off our portfolio in the field of 5G campus solutions. Together we can support companies – regardless of their industry – comprehensively on their way into the future towards automation and digitization.”


The 5G campus: an enormously powerful mobile network for sole use

With a 5G campus network, mobile capacities are reliably available locally at the company location. For coverage, your own 5G antennas are installed on the company premise(s), which guarantee the connection even of remote areas using private mobile radio frequencies. In this way, systems and devices can be flexibly connected and time- and business-critical applications can be mapped in the highest quality. Because 5G surpasses the possibilities of previous wireless communication technologies such as WLAN, both in terms of bandwidth and latency, range and reliability as well as in terms of security. The highlight: The resources are “private”, i.e. the 5G network works without external mobile network providers. Of course, if required, it can also be connected to the WAN or the Internet, e.g. for communication across several locations – everything is possible, so nothing has to!


End-to-end portfolio & proof-of-concept – starting the 5G future with Triopt & Xantaro

But for which use cases is a 5G campus solution? Which technology vendor on the market fits best? What technical requirements must be met in order to switch to a local 5G network? How can a 5G network be implemented? – The inhibition thresholds for implementing a 5G-based company network are high, especially if there are no employees with know-how in radio technology, its planning, implementation and operation.

In cooperation, Xantaro and Triopt therefore advise companies comprehensively based on their joint expertise and solve the various challenges in the implementation of a 5G campus. Within a project framework, Triopt for example takes on tasks such as 5G planning, including preparation for the license applications to the Bundesnetzagentur in Germany, the construction of the antennas, the cabling or the configuration of the radio cells. Xantaro, in turn, takes care of everything relating to the company network, such as the integration of the 5G core, IP planning, the integration of existing systems and technologies into 5G or the data center and/or cloud connection, etc.


5GMVC by Xantaro + Tripot

Qualification under real world conditions: the 5G Multi-Vendor Campus by Triopt & Xantaro

A key element of the joint strategy is the 5G Multi-Vendor Campus – 5GMVC for short – on the premises of the Triopt Group in Moers, Germany. In the future, scenarios for 5G use cases will be jointly developed, set up and tested here before they are implemented at the customers and integrated into ongoing operations. In order to implement individual customer requirements, technologies from various vendors for 5G coverage are taken into account and tested. The first antennas have already been installed, others will follow in the coming weeks and make the 5GMVC a flexible show area for indoor and outdoor applications, which can also be rented exclusively for your own qualifications under realistic conditions on request from interested parties.



About Triopt

The Triopt Group combines four companies under one brand: Triopt GmbH, Trijobs GmbH, Tripro GmbH and Triopt-Bau GmbH. The company’s service portfolio includes the areas of telecommunications and digitization, mechanical engineering, UAS, 5G, planning offices and human resources management. The group has been active in the planning, optimization and project development of mobile radio networks for over 11 years. The company also works in the field of FTTH expansion and carries out the planning, construction work (civil engineering and installation) and service of the fiber optic network. The Triopt Group offers its customers a full turn-key service.


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