The growing complexity of mission-critical IT infrastructures is considered by most organisations to be the biggest challenge that they face. Networks need to respond dynamically to increasing, constantly-evolving demands while meeting high performance and security expectations. Falling budgets, combined with growing requirements for internal and external customers, create a situation which requires greater automation, greater simplicity and the use of the latest software, specially adapted to networks’ operational needs.

At the same time, the shortage of skilled employees creates enormous shortfalls in many enterprises, telcos and service providers, making it even more important to simplify management and monitoring systems and to automate operational processes so that engineers can concentrate on tasks that are critical to business growth, such as improving the technical supply chain.


Consolidate, create simplicity and automate your network operations

In this context, we would like to introduce StableNet® – a single-platform, unified management solution designed to address today’s numerous operational and technical challenges of managing distributed and mission-critical IT infrastructures. The platform offers a highly automated Network Management System (NMS) with a focus on configuration, fault, and performance management and enables you to tame the complexity of your service infrastructure through a single platform.


Implementing a highly automated Operational Support System (OSS) with a feature set of this kind gives you the chance to consolidate the diverse range of systems that may be in use within your network operations, potentially leading to huge savings – both in terms of OPEX and CAPEX. Empower your staff with End-to-End Visibility of network services and components and their work with a cross-silo, cross-vendor and cross-technology management platform.


Automation helps to increase the efficiency of your network.

StableNet® focuses on automation with functionality such as automatic network and configuration management, automated root cause analysis, and automated service and infrastructure discovery. For this reason, many Infosim® customers are using the StableNet® platform to build a network environment with fully automated service provisioning and operational monitoring.

StableNet® enables network operators to automate the End-to-End provisioning of service assurance processes such as measurements and monitoring, which creates perfect transparency and allows real-time event and error management – exactly what you need to reduce complexity and costs within your network operations.


StableNet App – Monitor your network with the iOS mobile App

Imagine you are on the way to another meeting or at lunch when you get an escalation call that there is an issue with the network services. Or, imagine you are asked to provide some key facts about your network, such as dashboards or a weather map of current traffic utilisation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could check the status of your network infrastructure with your smartphone for an instant overview of what’s going on?


In 2017, Infosim® released its mobile App, giving you access to key features of the StableNet® solution from your iPhone, iPad or even your Apple Watch. This flexible, location-independent access enables you to check your network’s status and performance information or deal with alerts instantly.


Meet Xantaro at the TM Forum and the ANGA COM

Over the last decade, Xantaro has developed in-depth knowledge of the different types of network infrastructure, the services running on top of them, and what needs to be done to optimise networks and operations. This expertise, and the company’s overview of the range of solutions on the market, enable us to help our customers to address the challenge of rising complexity by identifying and delivering the correct approach.

Would you like to learn how StableNet® meets the contemporary challenges of the networked world? Contact us for an appointment at the TM Forum in Nice (14 to 16 May) or ANGA COM 2018 in Cologne (12 to 14 June) and gain insights into Infosim® StableNet® technology. Use the contact form below if you have further questions about StableNet®: we will be happy to get back to you with a response.





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