Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions.

There are challenges faced by Service Providers when it comes to security to protect their customers’ cloud infrastructures, inconsistency leads to vulnerability and the risk of this is amplified when attempting to secure distributed workloads, deployed across different platforms.

Juniper provides a unified security layer that is constant between on-premise and public cloud, enabling customers to define security rules centrally and then deploy those rules consistently across locations, right up to the application level, with data in transit between locations secured through encryption to reduce the risk of compromise.

Any site, any location – physical or virtual – can plug into advanced anti-malware protection that will detect existing and new threats and protect through automated enforcement across the hybrid platform. Using our Software Defined Secure Network framework we can gather security intelligence from numerous environments and data sources, Juniper and others, using information about the behaviour across the network to inform enforcement decisions.

Example – Wannacry ransomware:

SkyATP, Juniper’s Advanced Threat Protection automatically blocked access to the command & control system largely responsible for distributing the Wannacry ransomware. Juniper SkyATP caught 24 unique samples of Wannacry within 30 seconds.


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   Advanced malware protection from the cloud


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