Change is the only constant in today’s digital world.

Network and Data Centre technologies, but also those in the application layer, all merge together more and more. In addition, new challenges emerge constantly which cause continuous adaption and improvements of existing network infrastructures.

Our ROUTING & SWITCHING technology section delivers tailored solutions for the design, optimisation and upgrades of legacy core and access environments.

Xantaro’s specific expertise encompasses technologies of various hardware and software layers such as Routing, Switching, Data Centre Interconnection as well as Storage and Compute resources, and Edge components.


  • Core IP Routing
    Scalable solutions for all IP delivery requirements starting from the Peering Edge moving through the Core all the way through the Access Layer

  • Advanced MPLS-VPN
    Adding MPLS provide higher scalability and faster recovery times for all applications; MPLS-VPN services for layer 2 and layer 3 services enables unlimited services provision to customers spanning the whole network and beyond

  • Multicast Solutions
    Scalable multicast solutions integrated into IP and MPLS networks enabling an easy provision of all sort of services from IP-TV to financial trading

  • Network Function Virtualisation
    Providing virtualised routing services for aggregating business CPEs or quickly spinning up new POPs in the network to greatly increase the flexibility and delivery speed of new services to the network

  • Software Defined WAN
    Using cost-efficient access technologies and enhancing these with reliable connectivity methods by deploying Software Defined Overlay Networks and dynamically steer applications based on their connectivity needs to not only save money but also enhance the quality of the user experience.


  • Traditional Layer 2 Services
    Best of breed technologies to enable the network to grow and provide high available services – especially at the network edge where traditional Layer 2 connectivity still needs to provide large scale and high availability.

  • Metro Ethernet Deployments
    When traditional Layer 2 environments meet the scalability of MPLS, switching environments can be pushed to a new level of interconnectivity and scale.

  • Campus Networking
    Technologies to tackle the challenge of connecting all the users in office facilities and throughout a campus to save money and ease operations.

Data Centre Networks

  • Scaling of Traditional Networks
    Upgrading of data centre infrastructures to enable Next Generation Cloud enabled services while perpetually providing service for existing applications and devices.

  • Hyper Converged Networks
    Adding of automation and applying out of the box thinking to enhanced the network in order to provide the foundation to keep it up to rapidly converging Server and Compute infrastructure.

  • IP-based Fabrics
    IP-based Fabrics paired with overly networks and the right amount of orchestration and automation to provide the scale needed for the Cloud Age.

  • Data Centre Interconnect
    Individual solutions integrated into existing infrastructures to interconnect multiple data centre facilities while meeting tailored demands and ticking all checkboxes.

Routing & Switching Technology Partners

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