Through its partnerships with numerous leading technology vendors, Xantaro is at the forefront of new developments and market trends. In close co-operation, we develop reliable, innovative products and solutions for our customers.

Furthermore, Xantaro co-operates within a network of like-minded integrators, and is a member of various relevant associations.

Technology Partners – Xantaro Deutschland

Our Memberships

within renowned organisations and consortia enabling professional exchange as well as an active role in the evolution of current market trends and innovations.

Xantaro Financing Services

Our leasing partner

The right IT financing makes many projects possible – whether through efficient standard financing or individual solutions for complex projects.

As a bank-independent, owner-managed specialist in IT financing, Miller Leasing makes new technologies affordable and new financing models are ready for the market.

For more than 35 years, Miller Leasing has been offering added value to manufacturers, sales partners and customers with its portfolio, accurate market knowledge and quick decisions.

Our leasing concept offering additional advantages

  • Tailor-made contracts and individual terms of payment will give you extra room for maneuvre (e.g. by taking into account upgrades and expansions).
  • Fixed leasing rates provide a clear basis for planning and will be charged in line with the actual use of the object (pay-as-you-earn effect).
  • The term of the agreement does not have to be in line with the amortisation period.
  • Leasing safeguards your liquidity and your credit line – no advance payments are required.
  • Leasing and rental rates are off-balance; under certain contractual conditions this is even the case if your balance sheet is based on US-GAAP or IFRS.
  • Leasing has a positive effect on the equity quota and thereby improves your rating under Basel II.
  • Once the contract expires you have a number of flexible options: the systems can be extended, purchased or return.

The process

  • To start with, we will discuss the project in the usual way (configuration, implementation, etc.). Based on the configuration, prices and an initial credit assessment, we will then create a tailor-made leasing offer.
  • You will receive a quotation for the project which does not just list the purchase price, but also the corresponding leasing conditions. If you opt for leasing you will then make the required information available to us so that we can carry out the final credit assessment.
  • Upon approval, our leasing partner will then send the contract and related documents to you. Upon delivery you will then confirm to the leasing company by means of a declaration of transfer that the leasing object is in good condition.
  • This is when the term of the leasing agreement starts. Once the contract expires you can either return the systems, extend their use or purchase them. During the term of the leasing agreement components can be exchanged at any time, usually without changing the monthly leasing rate.

Standard contracts

* Special contractual conditions for the rental of IT equipment. Will be reworked as part of the EVB-IT contracts.
** depending on the depreciation period stipulated by tax law. This is based on 3 years.
Information applies to companies whose balance sheets are based on German trade law.

Tailored financing concept

Tailor-made Financing Concepts supplementing the standard leasing portfolio:

    Representation of the overall financial value if an existing leasing agreement is dissolved early.
    Depending on the duration of the leasing agreement so far, you will be able to use a certain exchange volume at the same installment. This allows you to always be up-to-date technologically.
    Depending on your budget, we can arrange for a rental-free period of up to six months.
    Depending on customer requirements we can offer some very flexible rates.
    Dynamic use of IT deliverables according to individual requirements and at a fixed calculation factor.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Would you rather spend your budget on other things but short-lived IT equipment?
  • Would you like to decide for yourself for how long you will be using the equipment, rather than being tied down by amortisation times?
  • Would you like to see contracts which are tailored to the needs of your company?
  • Are you planning to exchange or upgrade equipment during the term of the contract?
  • Would you like to see full flexibility during the contract period and at the end?
  • Would you like to finance the equipment “as you earn” on an ongoing basis?
  • Would you like to even out your current and future costs and have a clear idea of what is coming up?
  • Would you rather not extend your line of credit with your bank?
  • Would you like to improve your equity quota and therefore your rating according to Basel II?
  • Would you like to save as much tax as possible or rather keep the financial burden as low as possible?
  • Are you interested in a finance deal with automatic transfer of ownership or would you rather have total flexibility during the contract period and/or at the end of the contract?