10G and 100G links are becoming common in the NREN community.  This is not just in the regional and backbone provider environments, but also within campus networks hosting DTNs and HPC clusters.

The need for Nx100G networking is present and growing.   At the same time we are looking at sharing and slicing these enormous networks.  Traffic engineering, performance, and multi-tenant isolation must be addressed at the HW architectural level in order to build networks that work well.

To make this happen and to adapt to the changing network needs, open programmable (SDN) networking must lie at the heart of new network architectures.  Corsa and Xantaro have a successful collaboration of carefully considering some of the key aspects of hardware design that are essential tools for building these types of networks that are the next generation (3.0!) in network innovation.

A hardware feature that best highlights the power of open, programmable networking is the Corsa Virtual Forwarding Context (VFC) capability.  Network architects and operators are able to dynamically partition hardware into independent virtual SDN switches or routers (VFCs), operating at line-rate on the same shared infrastructure, via open programmable APIs.  This allows them to slice their networks into virtual switching and routing instances with the same performance and throughput as if they had deployed dedicated physical infrastructure.

Each of the virtual forwarding contexts benefits from dynamically programmable advanced traffic management and QoS features which control and shape traffic within each VFC at the per-flow level to required rates as determined by the orchestration layer and network policy.  Network users and operators can fine-tune traffic paths to ensure individual customers, subscribers or services receive their appropriate bandwidth and throughput.  In addition, per flow statistics for all traffic is available, offering unprecedented real-time network insights at the most granular level and enabling any manner of predictive traffic management or security.

A deployed example of this open, programmable networking collaboration between Corsa, Xantaro and GÉANT is the GÉANT Packet Testbeds that can dynamically construct networks consisting of a variety of network resources – routing/switching resources, server resources, circuit and/or connection resources, storage resources, and specialised experimental hardware or software resources.  The packet testbed facility is designed to be highly dynamic and virtualised, where each slice of the testbed is insulated from one another to prevent unanticipated behaviour from causing problems with other testbeds or other production services. The packet testbeds are useful for rapid prototyping and offer a realistic geographic footprint across Europe with access to external facilities and/or real traffic.

Xantaro & Corsa are silver sponsors at TNC17, please visit our teams at the Corsa stand to discuss the new developments in Open Programmable Networking.



Xantaro a service integration partner for GEANT highly recommends Corsa Technology Openflow Ethernet Switches for implementation into the GEANT and the NREN networks. These networks are built using leading-edge technologies to create advanced, high-bandwidth infrastructure and end-to-end services that meet the needs of your partners and of their data-intensive R&E communities, facilitating collaboration and discovery by researchers around the world.  Corsa’s open programmable approach lends itself perfectly to addressing of today and tomorrow.

Corsa Technology are leaders in networking technologies, the solutions they build are perfect to operate as testbeds for innovation, providing the vital experience that drives successful adoption by commercial providers. Xantaro a system integrator with over 10 years experience in designing, building and maintaining carrier class networks, can now support the sourcing of Corsa products and services required for the NRENs to investigate programmable and virtualisation technologies. This will enable GEANT to deal with the exponential bandwidth increases and highly unpredictable traffic in a more flexible economical way.

For further information contact Xantaro on +44 (0)20 3857 2771 or email: enquiries@xantaro.net