Interxion provides collocation data center services in 11 countries across Europe. It offers carrier-neutral collocation services, including the provision of space, power, and creation of a secure environment in which to house customers’ computing, network, storage, and IT infrastructure.

Interxion also offers a Cloud Connect service, which provides its customers with a gateway into public cloud services via private connectivity instead of the Internet, creating a secure platform for the exchange of services and software between the major cloud service providers. Cloud Connect is operated through a software portal that gives Interxion’s customers full control over their service. Larger enterprises also use Cloud Connect, often acting as a managed service provider to provide cross-departmental services and billing for the cloud services that their users consume.

“Our company strategy is all about enabling enterprise digital transformation through what we like to call Colocated Hybrid Clouds,” explains Mitesh Chauhan, senior product manager for cloud services at Interxion. “We recognized that not everything can be in the cloud, there has to be a reliable and secure physical infrastructure to underpin cloud services, and that’s what Interxion provides.”

Business Challenge

Interxion had already successfully launched its Cloud Connect service, providing customers in eight regions with connectivity into public cloud offerings such as AWS and Azure. Interxion was ready to expand, but the switches the Cloud Connect service ran over had reached end-of-life.

Interxion’s Cloud Connect platform was fully automated, integrating every function, from provisioning to billing, and included a customer self-service portal. Its legacy switches had been designed into this automated system. Interxion’s challenge was to replace legacy switches in its eight regions without affecting its customers, expand its footprint to 13 regions, and most importantly, retain the functionality of its automated systems. Every region also required a high availability platform with resilient routers in its data centers, to ensure business continuity for its customers.

“Junos Space Connectivity Services Director gave us a robust and open management platform that could seamlessly integrate with our systems to enable full automation for our customers.”
Mitesh Chauhan, Senior Product Manager for Cloud Services, Interxion