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Fibre to the X (FTTH, FTTP, FTTB) has growing importance with the consumer usage increase on the likes of; streaming services, gaming, working from home, IoT etc. Businesses and governments throughout the world are accordingly investing heavily in improving current capacities.

Based on technologies from leading vendors, Xantaro offers innovative Fixed Access Solutions for rapid and flexible FTTX expansion in Germany and the UK.

Xantaro supports 30+ AltNets in the UK –
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Xantaro FTTX Service Portfolio

Full Fibre Networks offer a cost-effective high-speed solution for the service providers to offer GPON, XGSPON and high bandwidth point-to-point services whilst also supporting the adoption of digital transformational technologies like SDN/SDWAN/SASE (which are driven by more and more applications being cloud hosted and driving user experience and productivity) pushing security to the Cloud/Edge – securely connecting users/ endpoints (identities) to services.

From working with many AltNets over the years, Xantaro understand and can offer the agile and dynamic approach AltNets require, which some larger vendors are not able to due to their large corporate process requirements.

FTTX Services – Xantaro
  • The project team will be engaged with the customer and the requirement from the pre-sales phase all the way through to the handover to Operational Support.
  • This brings structure and control to the deployment to improve efficiencies and accelerate project completion.

  • Xantaro can offer all design related documentation from HLD/LLD to test plans for all elements within the network.
  • Once the networks are designed, the consultant(s) can also work with the customer for its implementation.

  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
    Xantaro are able to attend customer sites to demonstrate the fixed network hardware and its fundamentals to support technical understanding of the hardware on offer.
  • XT³Lab
    Xantaro host a lab with multi-million pounds worth of hardware across a magnitude of vendors and technology areas. For further information, please click XT³Lab.
  • UK Lab as a service (LaaS)
    Want to prove your fixed network solution without having to wait for the hardware to be delivered? Or, want to prove a new solution/feature without the expense of setting it up? Xantaro can offer a LaaS to get your lab up and running with short lead times or as a remote extension to your current lab. Xantaro can also offer consultants to assist with the testing acceleration.
  • Management Platform
    The configuration and control of the network can be actioned in a number of ways. Xantaro offer management platforms with easy-to-use GUI for a lighter touch than the CLI equivalent.

  • Receive and control the hardware from the vendor
  • Coordinate with staging
  • Coordinate with Xantaro field engineering
  • Deliveries to site
  • Coordination with spare-parts
  • Storage of goods in-line with the roll-out plan


Once the hardware is received from the vendor, Xantaro can stage the goods so that they are ready for plug and play once they are with the customer. As our staging areas are located within a designated room off our Logistics area, we are able to action a very quick turnaround on staging to keep the deployment moving forward as quickly as possible.

Field Services

Xantaro can install the hardware at the appropriate site and then perform the required line-up/commissioning elements for the technology.


There will be a number of feature and technologies that are new to individuals when it comes to deployments. Xantaro can offer training to either ‘just get you started’ or all the way through to official vendor certifications. For further information visit Training & Education.

Automated Provisioning Platforms

Want to make the end-users request as light touch for you as possible? Automated provisioning platforms can help achieve this. Capturing the end-user’s information and automatically using this to deliver a service will reduce mistakes, head count and bottle neck delays which will decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Flexible Financial Models

Xantaro already works with financial partners, who are familiar with our area of business, to engage customers when they require additional credit for larger purchases or want a pay-as-you-grow model.

  • XTAC
    Xantaro’s XTAC offer 24*7*365 support when there is an issue with the network. The XTAC team have experience within the technology stack as well as having contacts within the offered vendors. Further information visit XCare.
  • FLM
    XTAC will manage an engineer to site with the faulty part replacement from the appropriate stored location to meet the agreed SLA.

Network Health Monitoring and Updates
  • Predictive care takes support to the next level of efficiency! Predictive care is also revolutionizing the support model to move away from traditional reactive support to a cognitive approach that predicts faults and solves them rapidly.
  • Yukon is a Xantaro created central platform for high-performance network and service management, Yukon collects relevant information from a variety of network systems, normalises the data, and correlates it within different applications. For further information visit Yukon.
  • Through XFAST, Xantaro have created an automated process that accelerates error-prone manual test processes and ensures faster and regular software updates in the productive network! For further details visit XFAST.

  • Servers
    Network infrastructure supporting servers can be setup and maintained by Xantaro’s consultants.
  • Network Terminating Equipment (NTE)
    Xantaro can provide a tested solution to convert the incoming fibre to an RJ45 copper output, perfect for a point-to-point service.
  • WiFi Extenders
    With some ONT/home routers not being able to be positioned optimally, Xantaro offer a number of WiFi extender options to improve the end-user’s experience. Xantaro can also offer WiFi site surveys to make sure that the extenders are optimally positioned.
  • Street Cabinets / Racks
    Standardised racks or bespoke street cabinets can be designed around the solution to make sure that space is efficiently used, taking into account the environmental factors from the selected hardware that will be installed within the cabinet.
  • Power Distribution Hardware
    Both AC and/or DC PDUs can be supplied and installed in accordance with the site requirements.

Xantaro FTTX Technology Partners

Are you looking for a partner with experience in the FTTX field to speed up your ROI? Due to Xantaro’s service provider heritage, experience and skillsets of our core competencies, Xantaro can support a FTTX deployment through the technologies to accelerate your ROI in line with your strategy.

Xantaro have carefully selected partners and worked with them to achieve their highest level of partnership, so that we can work with service providers to offer the best solution for the services that the provider may/wishes to offer.

Over and above the transport technologies, Xantaro very much see Security with the upmost importance in all networks for the protection and control of the data.

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