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Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions. Juniper can enable Service Providers to connect and secure between physical and virtual environments, in private and public cloud using consistent building blocks. This ensures that operating a distributed, hybrid platform is simplified. Juniper’s security software layer and Appformix the new breed of optimisation and management software platform for public, private and hybrid clouds, ensures that intelligence gathered from the hybrid stack can be used to adjust and optimise the operating environment. Being open and interoperable, these building blocks can be deployed in any combination depending …
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Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions. Juniper enables Smart Operations for Service Providers by gathering intelligence from across the physical and virtual infrastructure and DevOps applications that run the infrastructure to visualise the entire stack across your customers’ private and public cloud, in real-time. This greatly simplifies cloud deployments and the cost of tools to operate them. Service Providers can monitor the customers’ health and usage of cloud resources with detailed analytics and take corrective action to meet a pre-defined intended state, increasing uptime by ensuring rapid root cause analysis and …
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Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions. There are challenges faced by Service Providers when it comes to security to protect their customers’ cloud infrastructures, inconsistency leads to vulnerability and the risk of this is amplified when attempting to secure distributed workloads, deployed across different platforms. Juniper provides a unified security layer that is constant between on-premise and public cloud, enabling customers to define security rules centrally and then deploy those rules consistently across locations, right up to the application level, with data in transit between locations secured through encryption to reduce …
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Connect, Secure and Operate – Your customers Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions. Whether you are helping your customers to build, or purely to consume “as-a-service” Infrastructure, Platforms or Software, Juniper technology can deliver fully automated and robust connectivity with integrated security. AUTOMATED – Deployment and operation of physical and virtual functions using repeatable templates accelerates time to market, reduces operational effort and ensures consistent, error-free delivery of services and applications. Juniper’s internal analysis shows up to 80{9ca2b804980e1366d5ad98b19e92767ba0e65e733a9ed43f1a9abd744a35c848} faster time-to-market and up to 70{9ca2b804980e1366d5ad98b19e92767ba0e65e733a9ed43f1a9abd744a35c848} improved operational efficiency in provisioning rapidly and consistently using Automation. VERSATILE – Juniper’s philosophy …
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How do your customers’ securely and reliably transfer data between Cloud environments? Which includes a mix of public cloud and on-premise locations. Connecting multiple locations, each with physical or virtual network topology using different endpoints with varied features and functionality adds COMPLEXITY. Public Cloud providers are responsible for security OF the Cloud. Not security IN the cloud. So how do you protect your customers’ data and applications from evolving threats – like malware and ransomware in this shared responsibility model when the attack surface is increased and lowering the RISK? In a distributed environment how do Service Providers visualise and …
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Can Your Network Catch the 100G Wave?

  Find out now… within the scope of our 100G Test Campaign based on IXIA test systems, and save up to 60% of standard testing costs for a 5 working day test!   WHY should you think about 100G: The Ethernet market has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Changes to transmission speeds and expansions in data centre capacities are helping fuel this trend. Analysts predict that by 2019, 100-gigabit-per-second (100G) Ethernet will make up more than 50 percent of data centre optical transceiver transmissions. As 100G silicon finds its way into production, the hype for 100G Ethernet is ramping up. But is …
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Connect, Secure and Operate – Your Customers’ Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments with Juniper Networks solutions Enterprises plan to use Service Providers, Public Cloud Providers and SaaS to support their infrastructure and applications. This could be either for increasing business agility or to reduce costs. Supporting evidence: A recent study was conducted by RightScale* where they showed that not only were Enterprises looking to the public cloud, but that 85{9ca2b804980e1366d5ad98b19e92767ba0e65e733a9ed43f1a9abd744a35c848} were also looking at a multi-cloud strategy, meaning that workloads would exist in two or more cloud environments. Cloud Service Providers that are building platforms for Enterprise will increasingly use a …
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