The growth of content sharing, video streaming, social networks and other bandwidth intensive applications in the cloud and content networks will continue to accelerate. Customers need a better way to manage the increasing bandwidth demands for high-speed interconnectivity between data centres, access networks and peering points.

Separate and closed legacy systems are costly to scale, hard to manage and maintain, and offer limited performance and latency. Operations cost of maintaining multi-layer expertise is enormous and lacks end-to-end visibility and automation across packet and optical transport networks.

Xantaro integrates Juniper’s solutions to deliver:

  • A more compelling economic model for Core IP networks, Data Centre Interconnection and Metro Networks through tightly integrated, single-layer packet-optical networking.
  • Broader network automation, with the ultimate business outcome of reduced operational expense, through integrated software defined networking and management systems.
  • Rapid service creation enabled by the network integration and automation ensuring that the network dynamically adjusts to the needs of the business vs the business adjusting to the needs of the network.
  • An open framework giving customers the ability to choose where and how they take advantage of these capabilities.

Xantaro is the leading system integrator for Juniper with over 10 years both IP and Optical expertise that helps Core IP Networks & Data Centre Interconnect customers to further integrate optical capabilities into their switching and routing networks.



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